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Age of Empires Castle Siege features and free download

Age of Empires: Castle Siege was originally released by Microsoft Studios for Windows and Smoking Gun Interactive, also available for iPhone and iPad users since 2015. The game is part of the long and popular Age of Empires saga , and in this mobile version, you will have to guide your empire throughout the medieval era, through different epochs.

You can choose some civilization, because the game allows us to play with 6 civilizations: Britons, Franks, Saracens, Teutonic, Byzantines and Kievites, and each civilization will have its own heroes.

Once started, you can improve your base, your troops and your walls; attacking the enemy, defending your mails from your rivals and exchanging to improve civilization at any moment … You can also expand your castle to become a whole city, search technology, fight historical battles and recruit some of the most recognizable heroes of the era, like Juana de Arco, Saladino or Ricardo Corazón de León. And you can form online alliances through Xbox Live or Game Center!

Age of empires castle siege gratis

Download Age of Empires Castle Siege Free

With Gums Up you can get free, fast and easy, that incredible strategy game
To do this, what you need to do first of all, is to download the application Gums Up, which is, to date, the best application on the market. Then, once downloaded, the mechanics are as follows:

You have to complete different offers, and for that, they will give you different points or gums. Age of Empires Castle Siege .

Age of Empires Castle Siege
How do you get these points?.

How do you get these points?

Once the app is installed on your Android device, go to the section “Win Gums”, where you will see a series of applications to download.

You download the apps you want; use them for a minimum of 30 seconds (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and you will automatically receive the gums that are indicated. Gums Up will send you a code, which you will have to put in the “redeem” section of your Play Store account, and it will be redeemed for the amount you have.

Another way to accumulate points is by viewing announcements, filling in or inviting your friends to install Gums Up, which we strongly recommend because you take 500 gums for each friend who downloads the application!

Age of Empires Castle Siege Android

To download Age Of Empires Castle Siege for android you simply have to:

1. Visit in your browser on your Android device.
2. Click on download the app located on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up …
4. Finally, press the button on the bottom bar and select add on the home screen.
5. Enjoy your game for free!

Age of Empires Castle Siege Android Cheats

Whether you are a video game veteran or not, we believe this 5 trick guide will help you build your empire

1. Spend your gold wisely.
It is very tempting to squander all your gold quickly, but you will really want to keep it for the proverbial rainy day. It will typically be after Age 5 or Age 6, in those places of the game where you will be at gunpoint and you will need to finish building walls to protect your base from attackers.

2. Prioritize the construction of walls.
Walls are the pillar of your defense, and before you spend your resources on new constructions or improving those you already own, you must make sure that your base has all the walls around. They will protect you from looters, and by extension, preserve your assets and resources.

3. Protect your storage buildings with walls and towers.
The enemies will go by your towers first of all and, of course, they will want to go through your resource storage buildings to steal you. That’s why we recommend you build them near the towers

4. Build Siege of Workshop y Hall of Heroes.
They are two important constructions that are usually neglected, especially the new players. But it is essential, in fact, to build them as soon as you can. The first construction is key because it will allow you to control the Belazirius Byzantine hero, whose main ability is to tunnel under the walls and destroy everything from the inside. The second will allow you to unlock powerful catapults, very useful for knocking down walls.

5. Build the Hippodrome of Constantinople
While it seems a good idea to work in your quarters, you should also build the Hippodrome of Constantinople as soon as you can. Build it will unlock new and powerful troops that you will not be able to unlock in any other way, only with your armies.

Age of Empires Castle Siege iPhone

To download Age of Empires Castle Siege free for iPhone you must do the following:

  1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device
  2. Click on the downloaded app on the third slide
  3. Go into Gums Up …
  4. Finally, press the button located in the bottom bar and select add on the home screen
  5. Enjoy your game for free!

Age of Empires Castle Siege iPhone Cheats

1. Join your alliance as soon as possible.
Yes, the crowns are useless, but you have to try to get them. Why? If you join your Alliance and build the Watchtower, other members will be able to send you help when your castle is being attacked and … all in about 70 seconds!

2. Upgrade immediately to next season.
Do not wait and move forward as soon as you can; spends resources and evolves to sawmill. Why? As soon as you evolve, you will unlock more walls and paths, improving your defense considerably. Forget anything else! Another advantage? Ability to build more military camps!

3. Advance to the Palace of Mangaura in Level 4.
Do it as soon as you can and unlock the second hero post. Combining the Byzantine Belasirius and the Teutonic order Winrich von Kniprode is very hilarious and causes tremendous damage … Experiment with other combinations of heroes and find your favorites!

4. Plan your attacks or Keep your resources?
Do not simply dive into the first battle you encounter … Instead, observe what heroes you have selected and, if you are unlikely to win, avoid battle.

5. Bonus.
Never deploy your units on a single point, since that point can be full of traps! Test the terrain with an advance and turn around the castle to see if it is possible to deactivate all traps before!

Do not hesitate: download our application and start earning Gums to trade for Age of Empires Castle Siege free gold and unlimited resources!


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