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The makers of Angry Birds (Rovio) always perform updates because of holidays, two of their versions of Angry Birds: Seasons and river. Certainly in this case Seasons is updated with special levels for Christmas, including a calendar with 25 new levels that serve as an extra, based on this holiday for this thriving:
This level includes a lot of snow, gifts and decorations on this occasion, only for the month of December.

While river includes a new level:

Smugglers´ Plane. These levels are basically in the cellar of a heavy cargo plane, and as it is usual in this game, we have to save all our friends here.
The well known saga of Angry Birds is becoming more extensive and continues to be addictive in no time. Do you think meet all existing games? Here is a list to the review it and begin to play.
Do you consider yourself an expert on Angry Birds? Be sure that you can remember all the games that have come out. Here you call most and, if it is not, it now is a good time to remember them and download them without any problems.
Angry Birds was a mobile pump 2009, here surely caught by surprise the creators and they did not think it would be so successful.
(Rovio) Finns, which certainly already carried more than 35 existing titles behind him who had passed without problems.
Angry Birds in its original version has been downloaded more than 1,000 millions of times in all existing versions, it is a great record if we take into account that it was certainly around 25% of these discharges are so pay.
Although the game Angry Birds was mainly a mobile game it wasn’t long to reach many people computers, which later would make that most existing sequels of the famous game flowed.

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds existing scenarios could sin of being repetitive and why Rovio company did not hesitate to initiate the famous series of Seasons.

Angry Birds Cheats

Surely you are interested also to know some tricks of angry birds, to obtain several resources of fast and effective, between the resources of angry bird, are the currencies, the gems and the lives.

Angry birds free gems

We start with the gems of Angry birds, these gems could be said to be the most important coin of the game, and depending on the amount you have you can unlock more or less things, such as improving the arsenal of our birds and you can also buy objects for your inventory, in Gumsup you can get free gems Angry Birds, with your app, you simply have to download and do what is proposed for the exchange of gems, thanks to this you can in angry birds improve slingshots for example in gumsup We invite you to get angry birds infinite gems, another way would be to install on your smartphone an angry birds hack apk.

Angry birds infinite coins

Angry Birds coins are used to get more objects for your inventory or the typical Power-ups like the lives or the crystals, in Gumsup we also offer free coins angry birds, with our application you will simply have to fulfill the requirements to be able to proceed to exchange coins, this is one of the tricks angry birds gold coins, another trick of infinite coins of angry birds, may be as we have previously said with infinite gems, is to install on your smartphone an angry birds hack.

Angry birds infinite lives

Another hack of angry birds, is the trick lives in Angry Birds, this trick we could say that is the most useful of all, since thanks to the lives we can do games in angry birds, without a doubt this trick is the one that you will allow you to enjoy more of the game, for this trick requires an angry birds hack for infinite lives.

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  1. Go to with your Safari browser of your iOS device.
  2. Click on downloading the app, in the third slide.
  3. Enter the Gums Up page.
  4. Lastly, click onCaptura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 20.28.47at the bottom of the screen and then ‘Add to Home Screen’.
    Captura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 20.28.54.



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