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This game is commonly known as Arena 5v5 is available free of charge for iOS and Android. And it will be available soon for Nintendo Switch.

It’s an epic Tencent Games MOBA game that promises to wipe out mobile phones and become the LOL for smartphones. Although the game does have some time. It is the former Strike of Kings, and the most played mobile MOBA, by far, in Asia. That’s why this Tencent game is expected to hit Europe too, because it’s already proven to be a great game and has it all to be the leader of its class.

Arena of Valor offers symmetrical maps with several streets, different hot spots in the center and two bases, one enemy to destroy and the ally to protect. The maps are created to host games of 5 against 5, but also 3 against 3 or 1 against 1 and the interesting thing is that the MOBA format, which is usually linked to long games, is adapted to mobile devices with games of an average of 15 minutes. MOBAs are a very social experience, with a strong emphasis on team play. Heroes can play a variety of roles and work together to maximize their own team’s strengths, while exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy team is the key to success.


Arena of Valor — What’s this

Arena of Valor is essentially the mobile version of League of Legends (League of Legends deconstruction), but without using its IP, even though Tencent has the developers of League of Legends, Riot Games. However, there are a number of subtle differences made to the game to make it more digestible for mobile audiences.

Given the incredible success of League of Legends and DOTA, many companies have tried unsuccessfully to get a MOBA on the phone. MOBAs require a critical mass of players to have short waiting times and gain popularity in a fiercely competitive market. Even the powerful Supercell seems to be trying to take a piece of this market with its MOBA / Arena Hybrid Shooter Brawl Stars.

Players fight each other in a team of 5-5 against 5 fight with heroic characters and get rewards after that battle, which can be used to improve and improve their characters, forming the goal progression of the game. Quite proven and reliable, but there are some remarkable things about loop design in the game:

  •  The loop is clean and modern. There is no power or mechanical timer, and the game encourages players to play 6 games a day through a simple Treasure Chest function.
  • The progression comes through incredible depth and breadth of content, closed by soft coins and XP which requires a lot of gameplay.
  • There is a daily gold cap (soft currency), which restricts players from burning through the content quickly. This does not exist in PC MOBAs.
  • Games can vary from 5 minutes to one hour. While the gaming experience has been adjusted to result in a faster battle, the entire PC MOBA experience is alive and well. No trade-offs have been made in terms of the level of skills and strategic mastery required to succeed at the highest level.
  • A contextual virtual d-pad is used for movement and attacks rather than using a fully tactile system like Vainglory. This makes the game possibly more accessible as it is designed to be played with two thumbs unlike Vainglory, which as a first iPad game was originally designed to be played with two index fingers.
  • The accessibility of the gameplay on Vainglory can be felt from the beginning with simple things like attacking. In Vainglory, a player has to accurately touch an opponent who wants to attack by mimicking the gameplay with a mouse while Arena of Valor uses the auto-attack, where a tap on an attack button makes the player simply attack the nearest opponent.
  • Accessibility remains a thread running through all the key features. Unlike LoL, UX is optimized so that the player can access key functionality without having to go through multiple menus. For example, talents and quick item purchases through two smart choices are given to you every time you can buy a new item.

Some new features added compared to League of Legends:

  • Players can choose orbs of regeneration, which increases health or mana.
  • Players can also teleport somewhere on the map after a cooldown.

These additions seem small and in some ways make the game seem a little less tough, however, act on the rationalization of the experience to make it faster, more powerful and more exciting. Perfect for mobile phones. However, the game is a true 5-in-5 with three lanes plus several modes including 3-in-3 and 1-in-1.

Arena of Valor: Arena 5v5

Arena of Valor is a MOBA 5v5 par excellence. Players select a hero and queue up in a game with another 9 real players divided into two teams of 10, in order to destroy the enemy team’s generator. The battles contain vines that are computer-controlled characters that automatically spawn in the generator and head toward the enemy’s generator along all three tracks.

Each game is a single portion issue, where Heroes start at level 1 and gain levels during battle to kill enemies and heroes. Each death or each piece of damage increases the gold count, which is used to purchase objects during battle. Objects improve hero statistics such as attack speed, damage, health and mana pool.

If your hero is killed, you are respawned on your base after a delay, with the delay increasing based on your level and the number of times you have died. Battles can last from 5 minutes.

Abyssal Clash Arena Of Valor

An alternative game mode called Abyssal Clash is also present in the game, which varies the gameplay quite a bit.

This mode has one lane, two towers for each team and a base. The beginner level is Lvl 2 and you can upgrade any of the basic skills. In this mode, you get your Ultimate skill in Lvl 4.

Heroes start with 800 Gold and the spring water, located next to the equipment generator, has no healing effect in this mode. Players will continue to gain experience, but there is no way to return to the base during the game, so once you quit, items can only be purchased after death. Health packages will appear at predetermined locations along the lane.

In Abyssal Clash, each player’s Heroes are randomly selected by the system, so whether you get a good or bad formation depends on your luck. However, formation is not the key to victory at Choque Abisal. Success depends on the gameplay and cooperation of each team. This Mode highlights the principle of “unity is power” – the outcome of the entire battle may be affected by the death or weakness of a single player.

Arena of Valor Hack

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Arena of Valor Tips

Next, we give you these tips or clues so you can master this epic free-to-play game!

  • Don’t die
    It may seem obvious, but it’s not about suicide rushing to see how many of us we take with us. By dying we are giving gold and experience to the rival, so if we die easily, our rival will grow at our expense. Besides that if our death is not very timely and there are several allies regenerating we will leave way free for them to destroy our towers.

If you are already a MOBA regular, you will have this more than clear. But if you’re just starting to play, the key is to kill without dying to grow up, not just kill.

  • Towers
    With respect to other MOBAs, we must know that the buildings in Arena of Valor fall more easily. But as in all of MOBA, buildings are fundamental. A building that falls on either side is a giant step for those who have knocked it down.

And inhibitors are equally important. When we lose one, we are directly making the opponents’ henchmen stronger. So we have to protect all the lines well because they strengthen those who advance along them.

  • Communication
    From certain levels it is impossible to win if we don’t play well as a team. And team play means keeping our teammates informed about what’s going on. If, for example, an enemy advances along our line, or even disappears, our team must know about it. Since the distribution of rival heroes will depend on our defense, and also our attack.

Arena of Valor — Getting Gold

  • Gold and Experience
    Our first advice was not to die easily. And now you’ll see why it’s important:If you want to level up easily and get gold that will allow you to buy equipment you have to make deaths. You’ll need practice to know which attack will cause the death of certain heroes or henchmen. But to start practicing with the latter, kill all you can and watch as you climb.

The detail is that gold and experience go mainly to those who give the touch of grace and finish off the enemy. So if you want to climb fast, you have to kill yourself.

Arena of Valor — All the heroes

  • Choosing heroes
    Before thinking about a hero, something very important is that in every team there has to be everything. A tank-less team is going to loosen up, one without handles too, and one without healers or good support as well. So it is highly recommended to see the initial configuration of the team and use one or another hero depending on what is available.And this is important because the roles are tremendously different. In the end you’ll end up specializing in one or two classes and you’ll find it hard to play with others. But you should know how to play with tanks, shooters, assassins and support.Now, we anticipate that in the current goal the magicians are very strong, and you have several options. If you want to be a shooter or a killer, the truth is that there are two options far superior to the rest. But in general we recommend that you look at the guide to the best heroes in the game. They are sorted by tier, and unless you want a tank yes or yes, we recommend that you choose one of the top 5 in the game.


Explore and control a squad of more than 35 intrepid heroes with roles including Tanks, Killers, Magicians, Support, Warriors and Shooters! Create the ultimate team with your friends to knock out rivals in real-time online combat.

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