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Ash of Gods, also known as Ash of Gods: Redemption, is a turn-based strategy RPG inspired by games like The Banner Saga or Darkest Dungeon. An interesting point of the game is that it presents a narrative that can vary depending on the decisions made, the battles won and the paths are chosen. At Ash of Gods, users travel with a limited resource team, which will play an important role in the development of the game. This way, you can lose important characters and even the team leader. The game presents a universe where the days of humanity are numbered. Scary legends and monsters known for the tales begin to awaken. Captain Thorn Brenin, bodyguard Lo Pheng and scribe Hopper Rouley will join forces to save as many people as possible.

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Ash of Gods is a mix between a visual novel roguelike and an online TBS game. This is a story that aims to show all the complexity and ambiguity of moral choice. Good people often become rascals while inhumane people behave more humanely than humans. This is the story of the “angels” who after receiving free will turned human life into hell in the absence of a god. It is a novel that shows that no conflict has a good or bad side because even your enemies have mothers and children.

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From this game of RPG, we highlight above all the graphics scrupulously drawn by hand. The illustrations are in the form of Disney’s old cartoons and the creations of the Soviet animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm” from the 1960s. Character animation in combat scenes is based on capturing the movement of live actors. All of this is contingent on the argument created by Sergey Malitsky, a contemporary Russian fantasy author who has worked on other works such as Arban Saesh, The Code of Semideath, Nothing Personal, Stones of Mitutu or Shelter of the Cursed.

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Among its characteristics, we find the possibility of encountering different lines of argument linked to the decisions taken in the game. The team’s resources are limited, thus ensuring that the player does not feel comfortable and thinks too much about his actions. AI is another factor that AurumDust has shown to be a great success since they assure that it learns from our decisions and strategies, and it is becoming more and more difficult to overcome combats. This adaptation will make Ash of Gods: Redemption an extremely complex game and will force you to bring out the best in everyone…

The story of this game moves quite fast and unpredictable and the dynamic combat system must maintain the tempo and mood that is established by the plot. Every move you make must be important and have value.

Storytelling similar to that of the renegades: you will have to constantly weigh all the options of dialogue, think twice about each decision and manage your limited resources, because your mistake could make any of the characters perish forever. But even the death of your party leader will not lead to the “end of the game”!
A new approach to tactical strategies


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