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Assassins Creed Origins is the latest RPG in Ubisoft’s AC series, released on October 27th. Unlike previous games, which continually pushed the ancestors’ timeline forward, this last title in the saga is a prequel. Set in Egypt, you play like Bayek, a warrior whose fight against the corrupt forces of the time led him to become the first Killer.

There are quite a number of changes compared to previous titles, perhaps highlighting a much more elaborate and specific progression system of an RPG. Although the AC regulars will also have been surprised by the incorporation of the bow and shield to the combat mechanics or the protagonism that nature has gained in the game. Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It is a dense and magnificent action-adventure game, stealth and open world without shortcuts or mechanics to master and with enough interesting details within your world that are not easy to appreciate at first sight. The adventure guarantees desert and river environments with the Nile River as a prominent place, as well as cities with abundant temples, pyramids and monuments such as Memphis or Alexandria.

Assassin’s Creed Origins For Free


The Origins plot is dense and difficult to follow and doesn’t hold your hand to the same degree as previous titles… There is a limited directory in the game to help identify your targets, but nothing like the detailed code entries from previous games in the series. The game doesn’t give you a quick reading guide to the historical figures you encounter along the way. That’s why, before you play, we recommend that you read a quick summary of the Ancient Egyptian Empire depicted in the game (around 50 B. C.), particularly the story of Cleopatra. Your entry into Wikipedia is a good starting point.

One of the best features of Origins is the included photo mode, which you can activate by clicking on both thumbsticks. Set up your favourite photos and they will be saved on the game servers and also appear in other players’ games. After saving it, it will give you a free HUD option that you can capture on your own. When you’re inside the world map, look for the picture icon and see what other people are doing! People are already taking very good photos in the game, and the photos can really serve as clues. If you see that someone has posted a photo in a remote location, there is probably something valuable hidden there.

Because it is an action-RPG, ACO places a much greater emphasis on numbers than previous Assassin’s Creeds. The game warns you explicitly about missions involving enemies more than a couple of levels above, but it is possible to try missions that are on the same level or even one or two above you. We advise you not to do so. If you take your time, explore and solve missions, you’ll level so quickly that you can always be a few levels above your current missions. That makes the game much more interesting in a number of levels, especially because it will always be doing enough damage to have access to instantaneous killing arc shooting and secret murder skills.

How do I earn skill points on Assassins Creed Origins?

One of the great novelties of AC Origins is its experience system, level ups and skill tree. Everything influences the progression of the character. And to get new skills that make it more complete and more powerful, among other things you’ll need skill points to unlock them. You can get them naturally by going through the game, but if you want a few more, we’ll explain how to get them:

  • Level Up: You will soon discover that every time you level up you get a skill point. So this is the way to get them as you go through the game. Although if you want to speed up the process a little bit, there are several ways to gain experience faster, climb up before level, and get those skill points you need.
  • Hermit shelters: There are five hermit shelters scattered throughout the game. You just have to find them, interact with them and you can add 1 skill point each. Plus, if you get them all, you’ll unlock the Wise Words trophy.
  • Elephants: As with hermit shelters, there are also 4 elephants waiting for you with a point of skill each. The difference is that you’ll have to kill them and need to have a level of about 40 so that they don’t destroy you.
  • Tombs: As long as we can make a grave, let us not doubt it. They’ll take a while to become accessible. But in each one, when we get the board we’ll take another skill point, apart from other interesting rewards like Silica, as you can see there are a few ways. If you only cared about raising your level, at level 40 you would have scored 39 skill points. If you go for the skill points we mentioned, you’ll have about 60. But not only that, in elephants, tombs and hermits, you can also get a lot of experience, so you’ll even go up faster.


How to make money at Assassins Creed Origins?—– Easy money

You’ll need money, drachmas or gold in Assassins Creed Origins if you want to buy guns, saddles, arrows and darts from dealers. It’s not as crucial as in other games because you can take your time to get it and there are plenty of ways to fill your pockets. But then we will explain the best methods for you to know what to do if you want to get out of poverty:

Money in Assassins Creed Origins – Secondary Missions

We’ve already talked about the importance of secondary missions if you want to upgrade. And the same applies to gold, although with nuances. Not all high schools have a great reward in coins, but you will always earn something and in some cases a lot. On average, the second missions are very profitable, since in some of them you will earn 600 coins without much effort and will compensate those that have less reward. So unlock as many as you can and don’t leave any.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Easy Money – Papyrus

Each solved papyrus puzzle will give you 300 drachmas. It’s not much, but there are 25 and you don’t have to fight in any of them. Besides, if you had to search for them blindly it could be tedious, but here we leave you the guide of the papyrus puzzles so that you can do it quickly. 300 coins are not many, but for 25 it’s 7,500, and with that amount you have enough for a while.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Quick Money — Looting

The amount of content in the game is huge, and there are treasures in every corner. So it’s up to you whether you want to waste time checking every corner or not. What we do recommend is that you activate automatic looting skills. You will soon get tired of picking up the alms that each defeated enemy leaves us. But with the skill, you’ll save a lot of time and be able to pawn drachmas much faster.

Getting Gold in Assassin’s Creed Origins –– Selling

Similar to looting, you may end up getting tired of selling in small quantities. But there is also a skill that increases the amounts that sellers pay us. And if you’re going to end up with leftovers, it’s objects to sell, so make the most of this source of income.

Win Gold Assassin’s Creed Origins — Explore

A general recommendation is to check the areas you visit. You can use Senu in general, to get an idea of the enemies you will encounter and where the treasures may be. But also, even if it has less range, you can activate your own scanner with the top direction button and you can see everything you have available.

 Assassin’s Creed Origins Races— Another way to make money

Another rather fun option is the Legion racetrack in Alexandria. They’re not particularly lucrative, but it’s probably the fastest and funniest way to gossip. First, because you can repeat as many times as you want without waiting, and second because you can compete with friends.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Infinite Money

As usual, in the AC community are gamers and advanced users and therefore adapt to the new market offerings, and one of the main themes for “Avispados” is in Assassin’s Creed Origins infinite money.

As you already know in this game you need the money, to buy Heka’s coffers, some clothes, buy weapons or improve them, here’s a trick although it’s not 100% a trick but it’s to take advantage of the game, in Cyrene to the north there’s a small village where they have many animals locked up, hese are many leopards who give 63 drachmas per unit, are watched by 5 guards, level 38 is required to be able to do it easily, you can always try it with any level to see what happens. You’ll have to kill all the animals, once you’ve plundered them, you’ll go on missions pulsais triangle and it will be reloaded, with all the live animals again, the dead guards and you’ll be left with all the skins of the animals, For every round of looting i. e. for every time that you kill all the animals there are 1000 drachmas without including the skins, if you do it more than 10 times you can get more than 500 leopards skins, 100 of leather and 80 of crocodiles and you do not need the piles you can sell them that are well paid.

Download Assassin’s Creed Origins hack

We all know the problem of micropayments in games like Assassin’s Creed Origins. It becomes difficult to compete against people who pay without downloading Assassin’s Creed hack. To find a hack, we usually have to wait for patches because they can introduce some bug associated with some novelty of the game. The basic recommendation is that you pay attention to this type of patches to look for some bug/hack associated.

Assassin’s Creed Origins hacked 

Getting Assassin’s Creed Origins hacked 2018 is a difficult and arduous task, but it can be done while keeping an eye out for new updates and general patches, which can sometimes leave bugs for hackers to launch a program that takes advantage of them to get free coins and thus avoid a great investment of time that may not give us to compete with people who invest real money in this type of games.

Hack Assassin’s Creed Origins 

Unfortunately, people are very fast and as of today, the Assassin’s Creed Origins 2018 hack has been patched, so we have to wait for another glitch that can be used by the hackers to get our free coins and compete against people who spend considerable sums of money in this type of games and against which without this kind of help it becomes impossible to fight.

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