Getting resources in Pou

If you are interested in how to get through infinite money, we are once again focusing on tricks of the most popular games on Android, such as The Sims, Subway…

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The latest version and global information about Plague Inc

The latest version of Plague Inc is now ready for Android and in direct download. Let’s explain how you can download and install Plaga Inc version 1.13.4 game on your…

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The last anniversary update of Overwatch

On May 23 there was the last update of Overwatch, well this was the start date of the new Overwatch event, even if the information has already disappeared from the…

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New update of Worms W.M.D

Worms W.M.D The most recent content update of “Worms W.M.D” is great and brings among other interesting new content to play as is the case of the new “strong” gameplay…

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The Minecraft online market

Minecraft begins its new project the market of creations for players. Minecraft begins its sales block: in a market new players should now be able to make their designs in…

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Clarifications for Minion Rush

A game like ‘Run of the Temple’, but with subjects. Overcome obstacles to become a member of the month and impress your boss-super villain GRU. In Gru: My favorite villain…

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