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Battlefield 4 – usually abbreviated as BF4 was developed by EA Digital Illusions CE company and distributed by Electronic Arts (EA) for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It is the 13th edition of the Battlefield series and the successor of the praised 2011 game, Battlefield 3. BF4 was officially launched on October 31, 2013.


Battlefield 4 — Gameplay

Battlefield 4 includes an exciting campaign beginning with the evacuation of American personalities in Shanghai and follows the efforts of user patrol to return home. The user can also plunge into the glorious chaos of total war. With new maps, more vehicles, weapons and destruction that will allow the user to create your own path and play taking advantage of your strong points and have an unmatched experience.
In March last year 2013, Battlefield 4 was publicly presented at the Game Developers Conference with a 17minute show adapted to modern warfare. It is situated in the capital of Azerbaijan. The Group of soldiers that appears is in a mission Battlefield 1, ambientado en la primera guerra mundialmode story called Fishing in Baku. At the end of this, operational brand China as their next target, indicating that you most of the campaign will happen there. In addition,Electronic Arts released three official trailers, each with the title Prepare 4 Battle (get ready for battle), where also different aspects of the field of battle are shown: air, land and sea. The views that came before this was the quality of newgeneration graphics by Frostbite engine.

Battlefield 4 — Weapons

One of the new features of Battlefield 4 that has been developed actively are theBattle Pickup“. It‘s a set of weapons which are strategically located on the map and may not be equipped for the users during the spawn. These weapons are accommodated in a special box where users can open its content and use them. Its use is not restricted depending on the type of weapon that the user chooses.
It is said that two of these weapons have been seen in the Battlefield 4 Alpha from map siege in Shanghai a powerful (located on the C flag) 50 Cal M82 sniper rifle and a grenade launcher M32 MGL (located on the B flag) that was also seen in the same place. Others have been discovered on the map Paracelso Typhoon where you can observe the Barret M82, as well as the USAS-12.

The public reception of Battlefield 4

In most, BF4 has received positive super reviews (most older than 8 points) Battlefield 4 primary gun is multiplayer, and this field shows solid and with a realism that is scary. The campaign has also improved thus creating a unique experience for the user. And has been very compared with its major competitor, Call of Duty: Ghosts, to which many critics give the advantage to Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Ps4

This installment of Battlefield, is stronger than never his version for Ps4, both version of Battlefield 4 PC, where the Steam platform makes possible the direct download and support of servers, also makes it possible to use tricks and hacks for Battlefield4, or the creation of a key generator battlefield 4 pc is made where possible get free game download and play on official servers.

Battlefield 4 free dlc

The DLC’s or expansion packs are files to download that complement if the original game, giving more weapons Battlefield 4, scenarios, etc. Are updates that to the end is again necessary to continue in the game and enjoy of the to the maxim, is by that that the people continue looking for battlefield 4 dlc free, for to complete your game to the 100%.

Battlefield 4 premium free

There are many ways to have a battlefield 4 premium account free, with a free premium account of Battlefield 4, you have the option to purchase all the dlcs of battlefield 4 free, all new maps, weapons, etc, that are updated every month Several months , Several users are looking for a way to get this free account, one is an EA Access subscriber, although you will get a partial part of the premium account, another way is to find Battlefield 4 Hacks, but find the fixers not to be banned from your account.

Battlefield 4 Tricks

Next, we give you 5 key tips to win this Conquest game:

1. Balance your squadron

Each map in Battlefield 4 allows vehicles, long-range snipers and close range combat (at least in larger scale modes like Conquest, Obliteration and Rush). That means you need at least 3 of the 4 classes to really master each game. As the least specialized, you can afford to leave the Assault class, but then you’re giving up healing and reliving skills that are more useful in smaller modes like Domination and Disconnection. Get a support soldier, and you’ll be golden.

2. Pull the tanks out in pairs

Tearing down a tank or armoured vehicle requires four role-playing games or their equivalent. The average number of rockets you can fire at a tank before it melts into pieces of man’s flesh is about two. In mathematical terms, guys in the tank usually win every encounter unless you duplicate in vehicles with another Engineer. Not only can you eliminate vehicles twice as fast, reducing the chances of getting killed in the process, but you also confuse the driver and gunner by giving them two targets to look at once. Removing vehicles is essential in the larger team modes, so this tactic can change the course of a battle.

3. Never drive alone

Quick tip: Don’t be that guy who is engendered in a tank at the start of the game, drive to capture the nearest Conquest point, then leave the tank to shoot from a bush. You’re not welcome in my squad because you’re selfish. If you are taking a vehicle, wait for other players: the more soldiers you enter the more conquered points of the Conquest, from the beginning, the greater your chances of winning the whole game. Once you’ve grabbed the central points of Conquest, it’s easier to hold them than attack them. The best way to take very disputed points? Appear, in force, in a vehicle.

4. For God’s sake! Observe!

Every time I write a Battlefield guidebook, I tell people to see enemies. People laugh and say,”Hey, Andy, I’m not a stupid friend,”that’s bullshit advice. Then, when I play Battlefield online, only a small percentage of my teammates use spot. So, I’m gonna keep writing about it. The location has now been assigned to R1 or RB on the console, making it easier to do so in motion. You get 25 points for each death you’ve seen (50 if your squadmate kills them). Your free points, and help your team. Note, however, that if an enemy commander uses an EMP drone, he will not be able to detect enemies in the area. Smart that.

5. Use specific weapons on the map

Look at your radar. In fact, that’s great advice for anyone: watch your radar all the time. Every time you see a firearm symbol there, you can grab a specific weapon from the map, which is more powerful than anything else in the standard kit. The. 50 calibre sniper at the top of the radar tower in Paracel Storm, for example, eliminates enemies from a single shot, regardless of where you hit them. Besides, if you’ve grabbed it, you’re already in the best part of the map to use it. Other map-specific weapons include powerful grenade launchers, automatic shotguns and heavy MGs. Use them, use them.


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