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Assault the beach and jump with yours! Boom Beach is a strategic combat game by Supercell, the developers of the hit games, Clash of Clans and Hay Day. In this World War II themed game, you fight a war against the evil Blackguard, who has taken over an archipelago of friendly villages. In Boom Beach, you will train the troops and conquer the islands of a player and several players to free the villagers and gain resources.

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And to be successful in your confrontations here we leave you some tips and tricks:
Boom Beach Android Cheats.

Boom Beach Android Cheats

As you prepare to leave today, make sure you have updates during off-line time and your island will be heavily reinforced and protected.
You’ll quickly notice that some buildings may take longer than others and you can only build so many things at once depending on how many builders you have employees, so you have to be very careful in deciding the order in which you want to upgrade certain buildings in your island.

We advise to go pa for buildings that take the least amount of time at the beginning, especially while you are at play. If you know that the time will come when you will probably be leaving the game during the day, or for a few hours at least, we advise you to set up a builder to work on a longer update during this offline time period.

If you have notifications turned on, you’ll get a notification telling you when the builder has finished building your upgrade or building, this in turn will make you less likely to want to spend your premium currency on the precipitation of construction times.

Focus on improving your sawmills as fast as you can.

Almost everything you end up doing or building in this game will require a substantial amount of wood to complete, later you will be presented to get iron and stone when you enter the game, but at first, wood will be your best ally and the most needed material, if you find yourself completely out, there is not much you can do until your stores have been replenished. From what you can see, it is very important that your sawmill is updated as quickly as possible. When you realize you have the resources to upgrade, do so immediately. You will thank us when you have wood to do everything you need to do!

Once you have become familiar with wood, you will be introduced to your other friends, Stone and Iron.

Once you have become accustomed to the entire construction system and the use of wood as an important resource, you will be introduced to two other important materials – stone and iron. These two materials can be useful for you if you decide to upgrade, reinforce or even build new structures. Getting stone and getting iron is fairly easy, especially given that they are given as rewards for winning battles. Both materials are incredibly important and you will not really use them often, but we advise you to keep at least a little of both at hand because you never know when you will need them, whatever you save, it will probably be enough for the plan you have in mind.

Be smart, explore the areas before any battle.

When you are about to venture and attack a new island, always be sure to check it out before the actual battle in the first place. The cost is zero and it will also give you an idea of exactly what is against you and how many troops you must carry with you. By doing this, you will avoid sending expensive troops that you do not really need and will only take with you exactly what you need to win the battle and take the booty.

When attacking, make sure you try to destroy the base as fast as you can!

Once you have successfully explored the area and are ready for the next battle with your prepared attack plan immediately, take a quick look at the area before deploying your troops. If you can see a path between guns and towers, take that route! Getting to the base as fast as you can without victims is the goal in these struggles.

At the beginning of the game when you do not have access to many resources, remember, trees can be used as lumber.

When you are starting out in this game, you will notice that wood is quite difficult to find, but it is very necessary, of course, you can change your coins for wood, but do not forget the trees available for be cut! You will not be able to cut down all the trees in your area, but you will probably knead a small collection of wood that should be enough to start with your first construction projects in the game. Once you start to progress a little more, you will find it easier to get wood.

Boom Beach for iPhone

To download Boom Beach for iPhone you simply have to:

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click on download the app located on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up …
4. Finally, press the button located in the bottom bar and select add on the home screen.
5. Enjoy your game for free!

Boom Beach iPhone Cheats

Make sure you’re regularly updating your radar..

In this game, you are able to fight against the islands that are inside your radar, but you will realize that there are initially only a few accessible islands for you to attack, so you should build the radar as soon as possible and progressively upgrade it to that there are more options available when fighting on other islands. Even if you still have enough islands left to conquer until you need to upgrade your radar, if you have the materials to upgrade, we suggest doing it as fast as possible.

The most necessary good in this game is a little patience.

You will realize after playing this game that really a large part of your time in the game you spend on waiting for several tasks to complete little of impatience and tasks with gems, but in reality, this is the thing you want to avoid completely do in this game. As it is the same in all freemium games, you will have gems thrown for free at the beginning of the game and you will probably have the strong need to spend them on awesome things, but in fact these need to be saved.

If you are one of those who get bored very early with the wait, maybe this game is not for you …

If you really must rush to complete a task, wait until at least half the time has elapsed, as the gem value for hurried tasks decreases while the completion time goes down.

Boom Beach Free Gems

To do this, what you need to do first of all, is to download the application Gums Up, which is, as of today, the better market application. Then, once downloaded, the mechanics are as follows:

You have to complete different offers, and for that, they will give you different points or gums. These points are going to be accumulating in your account, and when you want, you will be able to go and redeem them and get free diamonds!

How do you get these points?

Once the app is installed on your Android device, go to the section “Win Gums”, where you will see a series of applications to download. You download the apps you want; use them for a minimum of 30 seconds (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and you will automatically receive the gums that are indicated. Gums Up will send you a code, which you will have to put in the “redeem” section of your Play Store account, and it will be redeemed for the amount you have.


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Tackle the beach and jump with yours! Boom Beach is a strategic combat game from Supercell, the developers of the hit games, Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

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