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This 2017, C. A. T. S. was voted best Android game of the year by Google. This game from Zeptolab, the creators of Cut The Rope and King of Thieves have swept their cat battles by driving cars. An MMO game that, although a little frustrating, is above all funny. If you like 100% freemium games, surely deserve a chance.

Build your own combat robot and unleash your power in this elegant PVP game. He fights from the inner courtyards to the world championship. Win new coins and use them to design an unmatched combat robot. Bite the dust from every opponent! In C. A. T. S. You have to send your vehicle to battle, get new parts, and build/upgrade the car so that it can progress through the ranks to earn even better parts, and so on. The four main areas are Rapid Combat, League,  and Betting.

Become Chief Engineer: Design, Upgrade and Improve the Perfect Combat Robot!


C.A.T.S — Android game of the Year 2017, according  Google


Quick Fight is the button in the lower right corner of the main garage screen. If you choose this option, you will be immediately launched into a 1-to-1 battle with a random player close to your rank. After winning three fast battles (no need to be in a row), you win a box of supplies with new parts and objects. However, these boxes take time (or gemstones) to open, and only four boxes can be stored at a time. Winning Fast Fights also allows you to earn points (the blue side of your cat). Each fast battle you win will increase your winning streak by one point, which will also increase the number of points you earn by winning. Quick Combat is a great way to win boxes of supplies and slowly increase your score.

The Championship is the left button of the fast fight. This is the closest thing to a progression in game history: you will be put in brackets with 14 other players who are at your league level. You can choose to fight the individual players in this group and win medals by beating them, the six most medallised players after two days will move on to the next step of the league. You can also move forward instantly by selecting the “Fight” option in the lower right corner of the league page and defeating the other 14 players in endless combat (Note: In previous steps, you do not need to beat all the other players to advance, but it becomes the default value after step 4.).

C.A.T.S — Features

This award-winning, ingenious and addictive Android game, with more than 55 million players from all over the world, brings together a number of very interesting features like for example:

Main characteristics:

  • Become a Master Engineer: Design, develop, upgrade and improve your final combat robot!
  • Take on the role of a bad stray cat and fight other players in a fast and fun PvP action!
  • Discover dozens of crazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes. Overcome your opponents with your unique robot design!
  • Fight against real players and climb to the top of the world championship!

C.A.T.S — Tricks

  • The trick to winning spells in fast combat
    Fast fighting in C. A. T. S. is where you test your current battle machine against other players. Each time you win, you will win another notebook in the current winning streak. Once you win 3 times in a row, you will get a regular supply box.
    The trick for Quick Fights is that you want to get the best possible winning streak because this will increase the number of blue cat points you have. The more points you earn, the higher your grade will be in any league where you currently reside.
    Championships are the great leagues in Crash Arena Turbo Stars Turbo. This is where you get really competitive and if you want to get the first place then you will have to know how to build the best car around.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you move on the scale:

  • L’astuce pour gagner des sorts en combat rapide
    Le combat rapide en C. A. T. T. S. est l’endroit où vous testez votre machine de combat actuelle contre d’autres joueurs. Chaque fois que vous gagnez, vous gagnerez un autre carnet dans la séquence gagnante actuelle. Une fois que vous gagnez 3 fois d’affilée, vous recevrez une boîte de ravitaillement régulière.
  • L’astuce pour les combats rapides est que vous voulez obtenir la meilleure série de victoires possibles parce que cela augmentera la quantité de points bleus chat que vous avez. Plus vous accumulez de points, plus votre note sera élevée dans n’importe quelle ligue où vous habitez actuellement.
    Les championnats sont les grandes ligues de Crash Arena Turbo Stars Turbo. C’est là où vous devenez vraiment compétitif et si vous voulez obtenir la première place alors vous devrez savoir comment construire la meilleure voiture autour.

Voici quelques conseils à garder à l’esprit lorsque vous vous déplacez sur la balance:

  • First, build a solid car that can win good death spells in fast combat. If your car can beat other players quickly forwards and backwards at least 8-10 times, then you are ready to enter a league!If your fighting car has great prestige and you win 14 league championships, you will be automatically promoted. If not, take mental notes about who you lost and why. HP Bass? In attack power? Bad defence? O The three
    Update the weak points of your car. This doesn’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul (unless you want to) but if you’ve noticed that your car was a centimetre away from losing a fight, then it’s not as good as you might think. The key to this game is a constant improvement.
  • The last turn you can have the round when it comes to Crash Arena Turbo Stars is the update of the parts. We’re not just talking about dragging and dropping everything you have on hand in a room that you find fantastic. This requires careful planning if you want to do it properly.
    If you have a weapon that works well for you, upgrade it by using higher levels than the same weapon you will get from supply boxes or sponsors. This will ensure that the amount of energy used remains low, but the damage it causes can continue to grow. Use the same technique with wheels and accessories. When you start doing this, you’ll soon realize that you need a lot of money in the game to do almost everything, and that’s where Gums Up comes from!

C.A.T.S for PC

C. A. T. S. is a freemium action game, we all know that we don’t have endless money, so it’s best to avoid paying for the game. But we don’t use old tricks like hacking into the mobile operating system, but we’re going to choose the legal route. In the App and Play Store, in addition to C. A. T. S for mobile, you will also find an application called Gums Up where you can earn free money for these platforms and pay for games, or get more coins for the game.

With Gums Up, you can get infinite coins for C. A. T. S. so don’t miss this unique opportunity. With unlimited cash, you can upgrade and upgrade your combat vehicles.

If you’re tired of searching for tricks and different more complex modes that, after all, do not result in anything our method is the best, Gums Up is the best application to earn coins. Earn gums and trade them for precious stones indefinitely, very simple and without any form of deception. What are you waiting for? Start getting gum to take advantage of it in C. A. T. S., the action game Zeptolab that became a revelation in 2017.

Hack and Tricks for free C. A. T. S game parts for Pc

The first thing you need to do is to download the Gums Up application, which you will find for free in the App Store and Play Store and register. Now, you must start earning chewing gum, the points of this application that you can then redeem for the rewards it offers to its players. To do this, go to Win Gums and choose how to receive them: use and test other applications, watch videos, participate in surveys, invite your friends to Gums Up… Each action has its own reward, which is displayed next to the description of the action.

Get coins for one of the best games for this generation of smartphones and give thousands of hours of fun. In this type of games, if you don’t have coins, the fun is limited. The more coins you receive, the more likely you are to win catfights and become the star of the arena!

What are you waiting for? Download our application and you will receive free C. A. T. S. parts!


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