Cut the Rope: Experiments

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Cut the Rope: Experiments is the sequel to Cut the Rope, the logic game created by the Russian gaming company ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo, in 2010. This sequel introduces new elements as well as a new story and characters. The teacher, for example, “provides running commentary” throughout the game as players unlock new levels and hidden photos that reveal information about the character of Om Nom.

Experiment to give sweets to Om Nom! Cut the rope like never before. Everything you love about the original Cut the Rope and new gameplay! 200 levels and constant updates with new animations

Cut the Rope Experiments for Android

Cut the Rope: Experiments consists of 8 level packs with 200 levels; exceptional graphics and an adorable creature. Here’s how you’ll be able to download Cut the Rope: Experiments for Android.
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Cut the Rope: download for free PC

Cut the Rope: Experiments for PC lets you enter a world of fun with Om Nom while solving puzzles at the same time. The game allows you to play on other devices as it is synchronized with Google Play and App Store, do not suffer and start playing from your personal computer!

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Cut the Rope Experiments Android Cheats

In Cut the Rope: Experiments you have to feed Om Nom, the little green creature on the screen. At each level, a caramel hangs on one or several strings, which when cut will either move or balance the caramel in two directions. With the help of floating bubbles and bellows, and the moment you have to manipulate and control the rolling of the rope in such a way that the candy will fall and will reach the mouth of Om Nom.
You should also dodge different obstacles that make it difficult for Om Nom to get their candy. This is where your background of physics is most useful because you come to think about which rope you have to cut first, the effect of gravity and the other forces acting on it. Apart from the goal of feeding Om Nom, another goal is to collect stars. Each level is rated from zero to three stars, depending on how many stars you have collected, and how long it takes to complete or complete the challenge.

We leave some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind:

  • You can move multiple slides at the same time
  • Insects only die if you cut the wire where they are
  • Although you can skip levels for later, a minimum number of stars is required to open new worlds

And keep reading … because now we show you where the 10 hidden photos of the Teacher’s Album are hidden!


Hidden Photo nº 1

You’ll find it in level 1-14

Hidden Photo nº 2

This photo is found at level 2-19

Hidden Photo nº 3

In 3-19

Hidden Photo nº4

Get Gums Up to know!

Hidden Photo nº 5

In 3-15

Hidden Photo nº 6

This photo you will find in levels 4-7

Hidden Photo nº 7

Between level 5-23

Hidden Photo nº 8

In 6-17

Hidden Photo nº 9

You’ll find it in level 7-20

1Hidden Photo nº 10

This photo, in 8-16

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