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Dead Ahead is an incredibly well executed zombie game for the Android and iOS platforms, of the creators of Parking Mania . The cartoon intro of the beginning is disturbing and disturbing, but the game itself is a light bloodthirsty insane action …

The dead come for you: it’s time to lead your life to the limit! With relentless hordes of zombies stepping on your heels and hungry for flesh, can you face them while you keep your eyes on the road? Survive while driving: your vehicle will be your only companion. And your only goal is to get rid of the zombies …

Dead Ahead for Android

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Dead Ahead for iPhone

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow download Dead Ahead for iPhone !

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
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5. Enjoy this free Mobirate action and racing game!

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Dead Ahead: Tips

Read on for some tips for Dead Ahead for both iOS and Android!

  •  There are two ways to dodge the zombies that are chasing you.

One is to hit the fire button to shoot them, and the other is to move from side to side to put them in cars, barricades, other zombies and any other object with which you can collide.
When you shoot them, if you kill all the zombies before emptying the clip, shoot the rest of your bullets anyway, so you can empty the clip and start the reloading process. This will reload when the next wave of zombies arrives behind you.

  • Move from side to side constantly when you are being tied by a group of zombies to avoid having them too close.

The more you keep moving, the more likely you are to kill them against a car or another zombie. However, do not forget to save your bullets for when you get too close to you!

  •  Use acceleration to run across the stage as fast as possible.

But be careful because objects get you up at extremely fast speeds, so you have to react much faster. To slow down, release the accelerator and run to one of

  • The quickest way to get coins is to complete the targets as soon as possible.

The more goals you complete, the faster you’ll qualify and the more coins you’ll earn. So not only will you unlock more items to buy, but you will have the means with which to buy them!

  • Cars never appear on the center line that divides the two lanes on the street.

So jump to the line and keep pressing the accelerator pedal, and you will avoid almost all cars and you will reach almost unlimited distances, especially after the first boss has been killed. The only real obstacles in your path will be the bosses who will come after you and you will have to shoot as fast as possible.

To make a great kill-combo zombie combo, first, it slows down enough for a bunch of zombies to start chasing you. Then, go through a group of stationary zombies, and start moving your bike from side to side for zombies to die crush the other zombies. All of them will be quickly killed. Kill all leftovers with any weapon you are using. Shotguns are best for large combos because they can kill several zombies with a single shot!

Dead Ahead: hack APK

As a free game, it is easy to find hacks, but you should always be careful not to get banned from the server … In Dead Ahead hack APK , you can get all Dead Ahead tricks and infinite coins Unlimited Money / Coins Mod) and thus make you with all the resources of this arcade game so addictive.

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