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This strategy video game, has reached the top in all the videogames incurred andfor having category strategy, combining modes of conquest, adventure, camaraderie, and union of players on a map of 10 players.
It is excellent game Dota 2 was created by the hand of valve, has several zagas this same plot, such as Warcraft, Warcraft Frozen Throne Dota Warcraft, World of Warcraft and now Dota 2.
Each year the company organizes World Championships, which the first championship tube as a place in Colombia and Germany with date of 2011, this game is in constant progress therefore they gain an average of adaptation of items, skins, among other newspapers, which leads to having a daily update on Dota 2.

Map of Dota 2:

Headings of dota 2, they have a map of 9 towers in line, 2 on the basis that protect a fortress, which have to defeat to victory in the map they play 5 players from each side, dividing rolles them depending on the characters chosen as ADC or shooter, support or Support, Mid or magician , Top or tank, Jungler, or jungle, all havegoals to reach victory.
In this game, we can do gusts of murders, at a place determined have on the mapof Dota 2 with a legendary beast which is called Roshan or ancestral monster to kill him it will give us an aura of immortality or an item of random order to improvebattles between your computer and the computer enemy.
We have towers and creeps, which serve to split the lines of the game between thetwo teams, each customized by colors, the two teams in Dota 2 crack, faced by a single goal, defend their ancestors, the jungles of the map also include neural creeps, giving gold its hunters.These 2 rules in Dota 2 for victory are divided by a river, in which there are runes for players, there are gold upgrades, improvements of movement speed, invisibility, of health, of berserker among many others.
The jungle: this player has in his hands the control of lines, it can make a line verypressured by the opponent, appease with just a good gankeo, it passes through the jungle collecting gold getting puff out, and waiting for the opportunity, lurking to the other players to make his best act of presence.
Mid: By law in this line, always playing wizards and characters to distances, focusing on highlighting the magical power to help other lines as soon as possible.
BOT (ADC and SUPPORT): Play murderous characters in range, and a support cures and other spells that ensure your adc a good line and mastery of other players.
Top: by law in this line they play characters with very high defense since they are those who start fights at the time of joining the 2 teams, they are characters that stand out by their life, defense, and speed when it comes to stunear, etc.

Dota 2 Heroes

Another tip for this great game is the meet and play all the characters, since they have approximately 85 heroes, and each one has their skills requires time to learn howeach one works but it is essential if you want to gain experience in the game. A known time there will probably be some or some that take them the tipster, moreoverwhen you are well familiar will find of dota 2 heroes to raise mmr quickly.

Dota 2 Skins

And obviously when you have your characters favorite target, and with the choice of skins of dota 2, you will want to characterize it your way, but obviously this costs money, and effort unless you know how to get from dota 2 free skins, or get in dota skins mod, in which you can get free skins and continue playing on official servers which is somewhat difficult today.
What do you expect? Join Dota 2 right next to us and sees that part of the battlewill be. FOR THE HORDE!!





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