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You are a photographer born? You love to edit them photographs with countless filters, frames and many more options for to immortalize moments completely unique? Without a doubt Afterlight is your app, an app that will make your photographs with the camera of the phone is film and even to frame them in an exhibition of photography. If you like the photo you can use this app with a design very friendly, simple and with a navigation very intuitive. An app that offers 59 clasping, 66 textures, 15 tools such as stretch, rotate, cut and more image apart from 77 frames in total.

Download Afterlight For Free

Afterlight is not a complicated app to use, the log will only have 5 buttons, among which we can go to the settings of the application, the Afterlight Instagram, the app information and the two most important: the Gallery of images that we have done and the camera and take a picture. Already in a first moment we give has of that is an app very easy of operating and that not requires an experience prior with some tro editor of images. But going to the kit of it question, it more important without a place to doubt is the option that us gives of the edition of images.

Features of Afterlight

In general, Afterlight is a good photo-editing application, as it has muDownload free Afterlight features. You can lock the white balance and add grids to the camera interface so you can get the perfect shot. The editing section also has a myriad of options that can be blended according to your tastes to create unique combinations. These are the main features:

  • Afterlight’s user interface is minimalist, ingenious and easy to use. As soon as you open the app, you will receive a screen that contains all the recent images you took on your iPhone. If you want to edit a different set of photos, you can select the album button or if you want to make a new photo, you can press the camera option.Descargar afterlight gratis
  • The camera in Afterlight is quite simple. It has no access to the different modes, such as panorama, burst and HDR. However, you get some additional features. If you love grids, you’ll really appreciate Afterlight. You can easily access the grid option from the top of the camera window. With a single touch, you’ll get a basic grid where you can use the third party rule for your photo. Another tap on the grid icon will give you an alignment tool that is useful for getting the perfect landscape shot. You also have the option of locking the white balance that can be accessed from the camera’s own interface. When shooting in darker environments, you’ll find this option quite useful.
  • Editing is where the true capabilities of Afterlight are highlighted. It’s a great application for editing all the photos on your phone. When you open the edit tab, you will see six icons at the bottom of the screen. You have access to basic photo editing settings such as brightness, contrast, colour saturation, exposure, and highlights. Each of these settings can be adjusted accordingly by moving the slider. You can also have more powerful editing tools, such as midtones, adding shadows, bullets, and tons of other cool settings. Each setting has additional options to fit your images perfectly. However, Afterlight gives you 15 adjustment tools.
  • Filters make Afterlight stand out from other photo-editing applications. You have access to 74 filters, of which 27 are fully adjustable and original. There are 14 guest filters created by different Instagram users and 18 seasonal filters. Afterlight developers recently introduced 15 additional filters called Wander Pack. Each filter can be adjusted according to your requirements. You can also mix and match filters and tools to create your own type of filters. It also has 78 textures that can be mixed with filters.
  • Afterlight offers you incredible 128 frames that are simple and adjustable at the same time. All frames work perfectly with Instagram, which is great because you won’t lose any of the effects when carrying your edited images. Once you’ve finished editing your photos, Afterlight gives you the option to share your photos across multiple social networking platforms.

Afterlight Apk

In the section on image editing above all emphasize that we are not against an editor that it is difficult to adapt to it, just the opposite, at all times, when we chose an image can return to the image of which we started by clicking on the image itself and to see the changes we have been doing, the control becomes intuitive. You can modify the tone, white balance, brightness, brightness, colour… among others, also we have many aberrations that will make us see the image with the best effects and filters, we can apply overlapping filters if you want to give a finish to the image a little more complete. Points of light and lens may also be as if we had a conventional analogue camera. In addition to the foregoing, we also have the possibility to put figures and prints in the photographs that we have done and finally to frame them in a multitude of different frameworks that we have at our disposal.

For end also there is that Redial its importance and the ease with which it can export it an image that has created can choose the resolution that like that have and also can it share in any network social without many steps to follow, very easy and simple. Anyone who tries Afterlight will be that it is a tool very easy to control but with a power to make edits as if it were the best photographers and without effort, a complete tool and offers you the possibility to freeze moments of great beauty.

Afterlight app on-line

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Download Afterlight For Free
Are you a born photographer? Do you love editing your photos with countless filters, frames, and more options to capture unique moments? Afterlight is undoubtedly your application.

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