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Machinarium is the award-winning indie adventure game created and released by the developers of Amanita Design. A puzzle/adventure game centred on Josef, the little robot that has been thrown to the dump behind the city and you must go back and confront the Black Hat Brotherhood and save your girlfriend robot Berta from their clutches.

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Machinarium has a graphical interface somewhat different from a traditional adventure game. What distinguishes it from other adventure games is that the interface is very minimalistic compared to most games, with hand drawn drawings and without any spoken dialogue at all: the whole dialogue is transmitted through sound effects and image bubbles.

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With Gums Up you can get the video game for the two operating systems, Android and IOS, in the latest version available: Machinarium v2. 3.1. Its usual price is $ 5.49 on the appStore for all Apple devices, and $ 4.99 on the Android PlayStore

But the great news is that the game you can download for FREE.

Yes, FREE, as you read!

Download Free Machinarium for Android

Here’s how you’ll get the fantastic free Machinarium Apk for Android.

To do this, what you need to do first of all, is to download the application Gums Up, which is, to date, the best application on the market. Then, once downloaded, the mechanics are as follows:

You have to complete different offers, and for that, they will give you different points or gums. These points will be accumulating in your account, and when you want, you will be able to exchange them for many prizes.

How do you get these points?

Once the app is installed on your Android device, go to the section “Win Gums”, where you will see a series of applications to download.

You download the apps you want; use them for a minimum of 30 seconds (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and you will automatically receive the gums that are indicated. Gums Up will send you a code, which you will have to put in the “redeem” section of your Play Store account, and it will be redeemed for the amount you have.

Another way to accumulate points is by viewing announcements, filling in or inviting your friends to install Gums Up, which we strongly recommend because you take 500 gums for each friend who downloads the application!

Download Free Machinarium for iPhone

Machinarium was honored in 2009 with the IGF, Excellence in Visual Art Award, Gamasutra: Best Indie Game Of The Year and Best Indie Game Of The Yea.r

Here are the easy 5 steps to follow Download Machinarium for iOS for free !

1. Visita en tu navegador Safari de tu dispositivo iOS.
2. Haz click en descargar la app situado en la tercera slide.
3. Entra en Gums Up…
4. Finalmente, aprieta el botónsituado en la barra inferior y selecciona añadir en la pantalla de inicio..
5. ¡Disfruta de este brillante juego gratis!

Machinarium Tips and Tricks

You can get a complete tour of the puzzle that is dotting the book. You’ll have to play a little mini-game to get the solution, but fortunately, it’s very easy!

Be sure to scan the area for any object you think you can pick up. It will only take a second to touch an object and see if Josef will pick it up for later use.

Remember that Josef needs to be next to an object to interact with him.

When the robot arrives at the castle, at level 2, it will be expelled from the path by one of the guards. Watch as you pull a handle near the guard tower to summon another guard so you can lower the drawbridge.

By extending the robot’s body and pulling the handle, the guard will not allow the robot to enter, which means we’re going to have to disguise the robot to fool the guard!

Here we tell you in 10 steps how to solve this second level, The Bridge:

1) Select one of the orange cones and remove the other two cones until you discover a small cube of blue tint that you will also need to catch.

2) Mix the blue paint with the white paint bucket.

3) Dip the orange cone into the paint to turn blue.

4) In the inventory attach the bulb to the cone and put it on.

5) Raise the light pole as far as the robot can. Once you can not go any further, remove the bar below and stick it in the hole above it.

6) Continue to climb up the pole until the robot is on the last rung and goes under the gate.

7) Extend the robot body as far as you can, grab the light bulb and pull the ring: the robot will fall off the ladder during the process.

8) Use the bulb on the robot to see how it is screwed on the top of your head. Use the cone on it to cover it and then extend your body to pull the handle near the guard tower.

9) The guard, thinking that the robot is one of them, will be deceived by the disguise and will agree to lower the drawbridge.

10) Cross it and, when you get to the end of the runway you will see a patch of oil, clean it: you will slip but you will fall, fortunately, into a kind of engine room.

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Machinarium is the award-winning indie adventure game created and released by Amanita Design developers. A puzzle/adventure game centered on Josef, the little robot.

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