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Any time you’ve imagined change you the face with a friend or friend, even with your pet, your family, a famous, any image… who is? Really, no one would have thought it a few years ago and that could create credible as well as funny but now if it is due to Face Swap Live, a app that allows you to have fun, to the service of by and for fun and getting more out of that device that we always carry over creating totally unforgettable moments and they will make you laugh out loud.

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No doubt is an app that will be part of your great moments with friends or even to make funny videos on youtube or record yourself with friends and pass it through whatsapp among other things… We are in the golden age of the apps and internet and if before it was necessary to make you your own costume to show it to your friends now with only a photo or a video can seem a person completely different or change your face with a celebrity.

Let’s be honest, there are many applications in which you can change the face with another person but all said: many promise something that then it is not. Many apps what make is make you a photography and your then can edit that photography cutting your face with it of the other character and is makes really a process tedious addition to the result end not is for nothing credible or fun. Face Swap not only Live with you can make photos with their faces changed but that real time videos direct des your own camera and with a realism that is charming effect.

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In addition to be able to change the faces with everything you want in this app also is easy to wear masks and costumes of the most characteristic and funny in which we have the typical clown, to masks of murderous psychopaths, make-up, etc… In addition, we will also have the opportunity to enjoy different aberrations in the picture, distorting it and making our face wider, longer or possibilities that will see us as a totally different person.

As already is has commented if that is truth that there are apps that already come free of by itself but that not offer what promise, us offer edit them pictures but not us change the face directly and also are plagued of ads that not you leave to enjoy to taste with your friends. Face Swap live this will not happen.

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