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After Electronic Arts (EA Sports) finally unveiled the trailer for the video game FIFA 17, which is available since September 29 last year. The developer announced that has as a primary event progress in rendering, which will generate a “world real in which the characters take life”.
Previously used in video games like “Battlefield 4” or “Need For Speed: RivalsFrostbite 4 is the new graphics engine which is one of the great attractions of the launch. Developed by EA Digital Illusions for the new generation of consoles promises a remarkable improvement in the visual appearance of the FIFA 17. We can notice changes especially in the facial expressions of the players, which will be far more realistic than in other versions thanks to the facial monitoring. Another incentive for the newest FIFA is that you will see in detail the best coaches actually living the game with an expression of joy and anger.

In addition to the fabulous system that will make the players look more real than in the latest edition, another surprise that brings us EA Sports is the absence of Lionel Messi, which had appeared in the last four editions on the cover of the game.
Some of those elected include James Rodríguez (Colombia – Real Madrid), Marco Reus (Germany – Borussia Dortmund), Anthony Martial (France – Manchester United) and Eden Hazard (Belgium – Chelsea).


FIFA 2017 from EA Sports

For those who have always dreamed of becoming a soccer star comes this new game mode, which lets you control a player’s entire career from his debut to the destination that the user wears it.
The player, which is already predetermined by the game, it is the front English Alex Hunter, a promising young Manchester United are looking for a place in the elite of soccer around the world. “Legend” mode will allow the user to control the detail of footballer career, since negotiations with other clubs until the relationship with fans.


The gameplay is front and Center in this type of video games. Here, ‘FIFA 17‘ has been especially interested in aspects such as they interact, with diagonal runs that emulate the movements of the fastest strikers, or how to protect the ball, that EA Sports has called ‘shielding’, and which has been greatly improved as they have updated editions.

The impressive graphics of Fifa 2017

FIFA 17‘ is full of cinematic that enrich us the experience of playing EA Sports title. Presentations, introductions and finely made scenes to detail that are particularly relevant in the way ‘The Journey’, is full of them to make the user feel real that it is living that history towards the top of the success. Added more which puts FIFA 17 about be the best game of football of all time.


The main rival of FIFA 17, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, that EA Sports plans to put it out with its rendering-based graphics and big improvements in tactical parts in the new video game based on the sport is King.

Fifa 17 ps4 tricks

Now we give a series of tips for the FIFA 17 ps4, for example one of the tricks of the FIFA 17, is the one way to score the goal almost surely, the trick is to run the whole field until just before The Bottom line, just before leaving the band, center to the center of the area, this can be considered an “insect” of the game given that the goalkeeper always acts the same way, which the sender almost every time you do this .

Most Effective dribbles of 17 PS4 Fifa

Then there are the dribbles of the fifa 17 or another way to say it, the skill moves fifa 17, it is a very attractive section for the players dice that enhance the quality of the plays, we will share the most effective dribbling of fifa 17, the first of All is “Roll over” that is carried out by holding L2 + R3 (to the right), we have “berbatov spin” this trick or dribble of fifa 17 has to be used with caution and done keeping L2 + R3 (Towards the right ) + R3 (up and down) and finally we have the “speed increase” this dodge if used with intelligence is lethal, and basically L1> R2 + R3 (Up or down) is used.

Fifa 17 hack

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