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Angry Birds Evolution, in 3D Puzzle, free-to-play was released worldwide this June 2017. Angry Birds Evolution explores a new genre, bringing the battle between birds and pigs to the turn-based RPG realm. It’s a perfect fit for the mobile phone, as numerous titles have discovered, and the best of all is that the game developers managed to keep part of the gameplay comfortably within the realm of the Angry Birds of the past few years…

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Angry Birds Evolution has a ton of unique and powerful birds for you to find and partner with, but if you want to build the strongest team, you’ll need to put your eyes on the best. That means you’ll want to know how to get rare birds, like four and five stars, that will give your team the power it needs to take out the strongest enemies.


How to get Gold in Angry Birds Evolution 

You’ve seen the Angry Birds in almost every conceivable shape, including a lot of shapes outside of mobile games. But are you ready for Angry Birds Evolution?

The game of Rovio’s latest instalment – within its veteran and super popular saga – is a successful title because the birds have truly evolved! They are no longer the nice two-dimensional characters you once threw into buildings, they are birds you would never want to meet in a dark alleyway. Seriously, Alfred Hitchcock would consider them for a movie!

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Angry Birds Evolution is that you don’t have to go against the instincts you’ve been perfecting since 2009… In fact, you throw your birds at pigs to hurt them. For basic attacks, simply pull back on the bird you want to use, slide side-to-side to set the desired angle – which the game gently highlights to show you where you can expect the bird to go early – and then release it to let them break.

Angry Birds Evolution Cheats

As expected, there’s more to it than that. The sides of the playing field can be used for bench shots, and your birds do more damage when they hit pigs from behind. You’ll also see that power-ups fall on the board from time to time, and since you can pick them up by simply sliding them through, it could affect your decision about where to aim.

However, the most important factor in choosing your target is that the pigs will attack you, in a number of turns indicated by the numbers on their heads. If you want to avoid defeat, it’s up to you to eliminate the pigs that are attacking before you worry about their friends.

Angry Birds Evolution Cheats — How to get rare birds

As with any mobile game, there is no safe way to get rare birds quickly, unless you choose to go the premium route, and leave some cash in the game. Fortunately, however, there are several ways you can increase your chances of getting rare birds, which we see below.

Skill shots, or why the colour of your birds is important

The colour of your birds is more important than their charming plumage. You may have noticed that there are countdown timers on the head of your birds just as there are for pigs. They are counting backwards until the next time your bird is able to make a skill shot, which can incline a battle in your favour quickly…

Here is the corresponding skill shot for each bird colour:

  • Black birds detonate over an area indicated by a black circle on the screen, hurting anything in that circle.
  • Blue birds divide into multiple birds the first time they hit something, and each bird bounces around the board independently.
  • Red birds defy the law of momentum as we understand it, by giving an extra push to the first pig that hits and throwing it to other pigs.
  • White birds make a special attack in a straight line and damage anything in that line.
  • Yellow birds pass through enemy pigs and continue to damage anything else they pass through until they stop.

You’ll also find levels where specific coloured birds receive a bonus, so help keep a ready supply of all colours in your collection as you progress through the game.

Angry Birds Infinite Coins

Unlike other previous titles in the saga, if we want to level quickly and have our birds improve, or even get new birds, we’re going to need gold in abundance. So below we will explain all the ways to get it and never miss it. Of course without getting into hacks, cheats, and so on.

Selling birds in Angry Birds Evolution

Birds have a value of 10 gold coins for each rarity star. That is to say, the 1-star ones can be sold for 10 gold, the 4-star ones for 40, etc.

We’ll end up having all the birds we want! Especially between 1 and 3 stars. So it is advisable to sell precisely these birds for up to 3 stars. Because with the gold we get we can raise the level of the really good birds, the 4 and 5 stars, the rare birds.

The dungeons of the game have very good rewards. We’ll need 5 birds of the same colour, a team rating of at least 2,500 and 10 dungeon keys (15 if we want to skip the battle). So even if this is not achieved quickly, one of our objectives should be to meet these requirements. It’s already one of the best ways to get gold at Angry Birds Evolution, as well as other rewards that will come in handy for us too.

Missions at Angry Birds Evolution

In the same way, we should try to get to level 8 quickly. Once we reach it we will unlock the difficult difficulty. Although it will obviously be more complicated, it will guarantee us much better rewards. And among other things, we can earn much more gold per mission.

The Angry Birds Evolution coins are used to get more items for your inventory or the typical Power-ups such as life and crystals, but Gums Up also offers infinite Angry Birds Evolution coins! With our application you will simply have to meet the requirements to be able to exchange coins, this is one of the Angry Birds Evolution gold coin tips, another Angry Birds Evolution infinite coin trick, it can be how it will happen with the infinite gems, it is to install on your smartphone an Angry Birds Evolution hack.

Before reaching level 8 we will reach level 6, where we will unlock the programmed adventures. Not that the rewards are spectacular. But we’ll be able to win gold and other rewards without compromising any of our best birds, as 1 to 3 stars can solve the ballot without problems.

Using these 4 ways to win gold, we will get a decent and recurring supply that will be enough to raise the level of our best birds, as well as to acquire new ones.

Angry Birds Infinite Gems

The gems could be said to be the most important coin of the game, and depending on the amount you have you can unlock morefewerless things, such as improving the arsenal of our birds and you can also buy items for your inventory, in Gums Up you can get free Angry Birds Evolution gems with their app, you simply have to download it and do what is proposed for the exchange of gems, thanks to this you can in Angry Birds improve slingshot for example, in Gums Up we invite you to get in Angry Birds Evolution infinite gems, another way would be to install on your smartphone an Angry Birds hack apk.

Angry Birds Evolution Infinite Lives

Another trick Angry Birds Evolution, is the trick infinite lives in Angry Birds Evolution, this trick we could say that it is the most useful of all, since thanks to the lives we can make games in Angry Birds Evolution, without a doubt this trick is the one that will allow you to enjoy more of the game, for this trick you require a hack of Angry Birds Evolution for infinite lives.


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