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Clash royale is a funny video game created by Supercell for mobile devices and tablets. It is a tower defence online competitive multiplayer game, which uses a system of cards that you can get without too many problems but that you need to invest a large number of gems. Cards always come out from the chests of the game but they’re difficult to get and then you really have to invest real money in the game.


Free gems

Without a doubt, we could say that clash royale is based on clans clash ( just by the title we can notice it), but in addition, it is also based in the currency of the game: the gems.
On this occasion SuperCell has been immersed in the “boom” appeared in the card games in recent years, as it is the case of Hearthstone and it has wanted to take advantage of this world that was created in Clash of Clans. Thanks to those cards you get from the chests we can get new troops, magic, fenders, etc. in our Clash Royale team’s .

It’s a really simple game but an exquisite taste when it comes to showing graphically what happens on screen, we have a seemingly simple game but which includes much depth and hours and hours of fun. Sometimes you’ll find that you’ve won a chest by winning a battle, but you can not open it because you don’t have enough gems to open it. Here’s where the business and the challenge of the game are: or waiting for a few hours or paying to open it before. Then, on the one hand, we have chests which we get winning battles, but we also have the possibility of opening other chests apart. You can open all those chests immediately, thanks to the Gems you can get by using Gums Up. You can redeem points, called “Gums”, that you’ll get through surveys, test applications and more and then redeem them for clash royale gems.

Clash Royale is constantly uploading with the latest developments and to take advantage of them and to be more competitive, you have the gems that can buy with real money. Gums Up gives you the opportunity to get it without spending nor a penny. Clash Royale will no longer have frontiers for you! One of the games that are breaking most: Clash Royale. It can be yours you will be able to compete against those who you considered great, but… is there someone better than yours?

Download the app from Gums Up and begin to get gems for Clash Royale!
Did you like the universe clash of clans? Maybe it is time to give a chance to clash royale, the same universe but with different game mechanics. The gems are available based on some chests and real currency. So how to get those gems of clash royale in an easier way? Thanks to Gums Up! Start earning “gums” and exchange them for gems of clash royale or clash of clans.

Getting Clash Royale gems with Gums Up

To win battles in clash royale will depend on the charts that we have, of the good that we are and that is why we will need strong cards, cards that certainly you will need to get through the chests apart from the gems needed, more than anything to prevent the frustration that can lead to this type of game. To fight against very good people you’ll need gems in order to get the chests prize and not to have to wait for them. An option that is quick, simple, and intuitive is Gums Up.
There are many types of chests in clash royale, from the wood which will be free and the Sun, able to be opened every four hours; a second chest would be the Crown, which you get when you destroy 10 towers, and you can get it after 24 hours. The third type of chest of clash royale is the chest of silver: you get it when you win battles, but you have to wait 3 hours if we do not use gems. We also have the chest of gold, which you can unlock after eight hours or you can pay for gems and open it before. Finally, the magic chest, the best of clash royale, can be unlocked 12 hours after, unless you spend a large number of gems.
Therefore we can say that to be updated of clash royale and to win more and more battles, the gems are crucial. How to win these clash royale gems for free, leaving you tricks that do not lead to anything? Gums Up is the best system to get the gems. Everything is based on gems and gold coins, the second currency of the game and that you can get by opening chests (by gems or by waiting) or by gift cards of a colleague of the clan.

Get free Clash Royale gems

Gums Up gives you the chance to get free gems for clash royale. How? Very easy: you just have to download our application and start earning points called “Gums”. Earn the “Gums” using different methods like
completing surveys, testing applications, playing games, etc. Thanks to all of this, you can redeem the “gums” by clash royale gems.
If you are tired of looking for tricks and more complex ways that finally do not serve, our method is the best: Gums Up is the best app to win gems! Win “gums” and redeem them for unlimited gems: it is very simple and there’s no deception. What are you waiting for? Get “gums” to take advantage of them in the Clash Royale! Play the new game that follows the line of Clash of Clans which is on the way to become a new phenomenon: clash royale, the new title of Supercell.

Unlimited Clash Royale Gems

If you think that it cannot be true, check it by yourself. As well as to get free gems to unlock much of the game and without waiting for endless times, Gums Up also offers google play cards, Paypal money, music, video games, movies…
You have a wide range of products available for you. If you are looking for tricks and hacks of Clash Royale by the internet, you will surely find many sites, but they really are a scam. The key is to redeem the “Gums” for gems. Remember that Gums Up is available for Android and iOS devices too. You can alternate without problems the two applications: on one hand, win “gums” and redeem them for gems, and on the other, play clash royale and open chests thanks to those same gems. It can not be more perfect! Now it will be easier to compete and enjoy the incredible Clash Royale game!

Free gems clash royale

If you are looking for cheats for clash royale in Android or iOS or you can not stop watching youtube videos trying to find the techniques, do not waste more time and join the community of Gums Up! What can you lose? Nothing! Because it is free either to your device Android or iOS, then you win “gums” at your own pace, and with them, you can get the clash royale gems as well as movies, music, video games and much more. Discover the application and the range of possibilities that you can get. Without deceit or trap or carton, everything is based on redeeming the points for products offered in the online stores. In addition, Gums Up has a customer service that will help you at any time if you have any questions or queries. Enter and start winning gems to enjoy them in clash royale!

Free gems clash royale

To get free gems clash royale we have several options, the first, of course, is to play the game legally. If we do not want to have to get tediously legally you can look for some other way to get free gems clash royale by using a hack or trick, unfortunately, these are patched constantly and you have to be aware of Appearance of them for use while they are in force.

Clash Royale hack

How to get a clash royale hack? It’s not easy, but I’ll give you some tips to get one of those hard-to-get programs. Just wait for the major patch to come, then search for glitches on the net, someone will probably try to take profit of those glitches and release a program so you can get your free gems and compete with those people paying real cash for them.


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