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Survival and resource-gathering games are fashionable today. Last Day on Earth breaks such standards on the Android platform to offer an original track based on various sources of inspiration. In this exploratory game, you’ll travel through zombie-infested landscapes while collecting raw materials to build a shelter and create all kinds of survival artefacts.

Last Day on Earth Survival is a super interesting proposition that skillfully adapts a game system halfway between Minecraft and DayZ, where obvious gaps in the platform are filled with intelligent decisions that allow you to enjoy the game in short and long sessions.


Control your character directly with a D-pad and virtual buttons, move settings in real time and interact with objects or attack bad guys. To create tools, clothing or objects for your shelter, you need to get the list of raw materials on each map – and find the ones you need to invest the creation points you will receive when you upgrade. The more elaborate your projects are, the more experience you will have in extracting materials and defeating creatures.

The other approach to this experience is that you have to make long trips between different game cards. It is not a gigantic level, but several small places accessible from anywhere else. The problem is that these long journeys require a fixed period of time (10 to 60 minutes in real time) that can save you money by spending energy points to change places instantly. Fortunately, it takes time to accumulate these points before you can use the system.

LDOES Cheats

And what is the hidden part of these long journeys? Well, in the next steps of the game, you can be attacked by other characters, as well as suffer daily assaults from zombie hordes directly on their own base, with them smashing through walls and doors. That said, the online mode doesn’t have real players, i. e. even if you sometimes meet other hostile survivors, they move automatically, and the neighbouring shelters you are trying to attack will not be populated with real characters, although their defences will stay in their place.

It is not easy to survive in an apocalyptic desert infested with zombies. Unless you have tips and tricks. Things can be frantic in an attempt to survive, but if you use your ruse and follow our advice, you’ll quickly move to the next level!

  • Collect everything
    As soon as you jump into the Last Day on Earth world: Survive, you want to collect everything in your immediate environment. Plants, seeds, stones, rocks, wood, everything you can grasp. All of these resources are valuable resources you will need for the crafting system, which will help you dress and survive. For a quick compilation, you can press the Automate button in the bottom left corner, which will ensure that your character gets everything in the next area.
  • A work tool
    There will be larger rocks containing minerals and trees near your site that you will not be able to use immediately, but once you have the right tools, there will be no problem. Open the crafting window and use the wood and stones you have collected to create boards and selection panels. If you feel lazy, you can also automate these actions!
  • Home, sweet home
    In your craft window, there will be pieces of furniture that you can insert only inside a house so that you will get a built; we touch the hammer and saw icon below the minimum to get the construction. Only one piece of wood is required for each action. You will need to put a floor, then walls, and also a wall section with an entrance door. Once you’ve built it, you can put things like making benches inside your home.


  • The Zombie invasionOf course, one thing you must be constantly vigilant in your effort to survive is the avalanche of invasive zombies that will head straight to your base. Fighting and fortifications are the best solutions. For small groups of zombies in your area, build weapons like spears or gadgets like meat knives and send them with pleasure. This will work for small groups, but the larger ones will need real estate fortifications such as thick walls, doors and traps, watch out for larger enemies such as the Bloaters, and watch out for the large red zones that telegraph the attacks!
  •  The life of a hacker

Of course, if you lack resources, you can steal some of them. Leave your area on foot outside borders, and simply touch another player’s base to invade. It will take energy to act quickly, but it is worth it. You can use the axles to destroy fragile walls and loot objects inside buildings, but of course, your fortifications and traps will work on you and the zombies. If you’re not a thief, you can always wait for the drops of air to fall out, but they can be rare and far away… So, in 3 or 4 minutes, we can recover almost all of the power bar. And there is no place on the map that you can’t access through ads.

Energy tips for Last Day on Earth

We explain how to get energy in Last Day On Earth Survival, how to optimize it and how to save it so it’s never a problem.

It happened to all of us that immediately after an interesting event like the plane, we all ran out of energy. Or we’ll die in bunkers and we don’t have the energy to recover everything our dead body brought with us. But this should no longer be a problem, the energy can be recharged.

Getting energy in Last Day on Earth with advertisements

A few days ago, Kefir included the possibility of obtaining energy by watching advertisements on our mobile phone or mobile phone.

For each ad we see we will see we will see 15 energy recovery, the ads are typical for a maximum of 30 seconds and allow us to see a total of 5 or 6 per day.

Thus, in 3 or 4 minutes, we can recover almost all of the power bar. And there is no place on the map that you can’t access through ads.

Energy recovery is slow enough, you get to fill a point every 5 minutes. Or it’s the same thing, 12 an hour. But something else is something else is something

What is faster is to reduce energy costs as we approach our destination. More or less every minute of walking takes a little more than a point of energy to make it run. Although it is normal to perform a bi-minute walk upgrade every two minutes and directly reduce our energy costs by 2 times. But in any case, it is 5 times faster than waiting for our energy bar to fill up.

The fact is that if we want to make a long trip, we can save enough energy by walking 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, our energy bar recovers 2 points. Also, the trip will be reduced by an additional 10 points. This would save 12 energy points in 10 minutes.

So, between advertising and walking around a little while you do something else, we shouldn’t have too many energy problems.

Energy Importance in Last Day on Earth

Everything can wait in the game, bunkers, difficult cards, bases, etc… Except for events, because many times it does not even allow us to start the journey by walking and you must run with energy.

For the merchant or air delivery, it is generally not necessary to do so unless we see it a little late. But for the plane, it’s almost always the only way to get there.

Thus, in our opinion, the most important use of advertising is to reach the aircraft. And not just because it’s the only way to get there. But also because it’s the best place to play. It is full of food, weapons, clothing and objects. We, therefore, recommend that you always keep the advertisements for the aircraft. And only when you’ve pedalled your plane, use it for something else.


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Last Day On Earth Survival Unlimited Resources

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Last Day on Earth Hack

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