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Snapseed is Google’s photo editing application, available for free on iOS and Android devices. It is definitely worth checking if you use Instagram and we can say that it is the best photo editing app on the market. You can use it in landscape mode, which you can not do with Instagram or VSCO. You also have editing options when you touch the circular white button on the bottom right.


You also get pre-set filters when you scroll down, which is organized by general categories. This helps guide you through certain filters if you have a specific effect in mind…


Snapseed for Android

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Snapseed for iPhone

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow download Snapseed for iPhone!

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Snapseed for PC

Are you wondering if you can enjoy Snapseed on your PC? There are several ways you can safely circumvent the harsh Steam admins, by searching the internet you can find several direct download sites for SoundHound for PC, but … do they really offer you confidence?

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Snapseed: Tricks

Let’s look at an example of what tricks we can do with Snapseed
Snapseed also gives you more control and effects than Instagram or VSCO, such as the lens blur filter that allows you to target a viewer’s focus to a particular part of the photo.


In the original photo, it was crisp and focused:


But you can add some fuzzy effects to accentuate the beautiful corner building to the left. It also gives the photo much more depth than the original.


There is even an option to save the project and revisit it later in case you want to edit it more …


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