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One of the most successful sagas in the history of video games is that of Worms, the popular game of military strategy where your worms must end with the of your opponent. We have seen them in almost all possible platforms, and how could it be otherwise also found them in our tablets and mobile. Most of them are paid, as the Worms 3. However, there are some title of the saga as Warlings: Armageddon are freemium. Still, let’s see how to play Worms free and pass to get unlimited coins in Warlings: Armageddon.

Worms 2 Armageddon, 3 and 4 apk

We all know that we don’t have infinite money, so better save us pay for the game. But we are not going to resort to old tricks as hack Mobile OS as we chose the completely legal way. In the App and Play Store, in addition to the mobile the Worms series of games, you’ll also find an application called Gums Up with which you can earn free money for these platforms and thus pay for games; or in the case of Warlings: Armageddon get more coins for the game.

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In fact, you can get coins for all titles of the saga Worms, so don’t miss this unique opportunity. With unlimited money you can customize to your worms with new hats, but beyond the customization you can use infinite coins to buy new weapons. In each play our favorite worms come with an armament renovated – in addition to the classic weapons – so that thanks to the currencies you can move faster and have more options to survive.

Hack and cheats free coin saga Worms

The first thing you should do is come down the Gums Up app, that you can find for free on the App Store and Play Store and sign up. Now, you should start earning gums, the points of this app which you can then redeem for the rewards that offers their players. To do this, see to win gums and choose as you get: using and testing other applications, watching videos, participating in surveys, inviting your friends to Gums Up… Each action has its reward, that is indicated next to the description of the action.

Free worms games

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When you have the sufficient gums, see gifts and choose your reward. Here you can choose between them cards gift for the App Store if you are of iOS, them cards Google Play If use andor or the money of PayPal, that us serves in both cases. These three payment mechanisms are the most used for micropayments integrated in the application, to get free coins; but also to pay for the game. Simply transfer the balance on the card to your account in iTunes or Google Wallet to pay at the store, and the Worms or coins will be yours.
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¡Entra en Gums Up!


  1. Visita en tu navegador Safari de tu dispositivo iOS.
  2. Haz click en descargar la app situado en la tercera slide.
  3. Entra en Gums Up..
  4. Finalmente, aprieta el botónCaptura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 20.28.47situado en la barra inferior y selecciona añadir en la pantalla de inicio.Captura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 20.28.54.


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