How to get the best cards of Hearthstone

Get the best cards for Hearthstone!!

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The playing cards for mobile are in fashion. One of the most prominent comes of the hand of Blizzard, developer of the saga Warcraft, that has presented the game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. As it could not be otherwise the most iconic and beloved Warcraft characters are in this card game for smartphones and tablets. You can download it for free from the App Store or the Play Store, no matter if you’re iOS or Android, but it’s freemium: you will have to pay for some services.

How to play Hearthstone

If you are familiar with the card games you won’t have difficulty to learn. Anyway, Hearthstone is very easy to play. Battle of two players with the unique weapons of their cards. You start and the winner chooses its three initial cards. In order to mitigate that advantage, the other player starts with four cards on the table. Before starting your round, the player steals a card, and from there they can begin to use their cards. Attack, defend yourself, use your heroes and kill your opponent.

To start to win games you can get gold and deck free with new cards that allow you to dramatically improve your deck. One of the advantages of Hearthstone is that it is much more generous than other games free to play like this. It doesn’t cost anything: you receive gold and enough good cards and get a powerful deck to face rivals of all kinds. In addition, free cards deck are identical to which they can buy at the store of the game, so there is no great benefit for purchasing them. The game is very addictive, only you should know well how to manage the cards and demonstrate your skills in the arena of combat.

You can get the best cards in Hearthstone

In other games like this there are exclusive cards that only you can buy in cash. Hearthstone uses the same micro-payments systems, but in that sense if you’re patient the reward will be the same as if strips of savings to buy cards or to get gold. This game has quite a few expansions that have appeared throughout the years, but even the specific cards for these expansions are free. Anyway, if your patience has limits, and you want to strengthen your cards and win at all costs, we have your solution to carry the items as best as possible and, what is more important, free.

Cards Hearthstone free

If have Hearthstone in your mobile or tablet, not you forget of lower you Gums Up, the app that you will help aconseguir the best cards without spending you or a cent. Unlike what happens with other applications the user does not pay for download it, is the own Gums Up that rewards all of its users to use it. Has enough rewards, between them the money of PayPal or cards gift for the App Store or the Play Store that can use to buy new cards in the shop of Hearthstone. Would like the best on for compete? would that letter that like to get but whose about never you touches? With Gums Up the solution you have. You will win many more games because you have these powerful cards and decks that you so crave. Your best letter is waiting for you in the arena of combat, forward Gladiator! To play!

Get cards Hearthstone

When you have downloaded the application only have to register – will not take you more than one couple of minutes – and start to get gums, the points that are then redeemed by the rescompensas of Gums Up. To do this, see WINS gums and will open you a menu with all the options that exist: view videos, participate in polls, and the most interesting of all, use other applications. Besides, if you invite you will get a friend 500 gift gums. Every action has a prize, so choose the one you like and start earning gums and then to win games at Hearthstone. Do you want to have the best card you’ve ever seen? Enter Gums Up and get that card which always escapes, the card that you wish. That card has to be in your decks and can then consider a strategy of fighting different.

Finally, see gifts and choose the reward that suits the shape of micro-payments that you are going to use. You will receive the reward at the time, and immediately you can buy cards and decks for Hearthstone and gold. And remember, wherever you buy them you can use your decks in all  the platforms where to play.

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¡Entra en Gums Up!


  1. Visita en tu navegador Safari de tu dispositivo iOS.
  2. Haz click en descargar la app situado en la tercera slide.
  3. Entra en Gums Up..
  4. Finalmente, aprieta el botónCaptura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 20.28.47situado en la barra inferior y selecciona añadir en la pantalla de inicio.Captura de pantalla 2016-01-07 a las 20.28.54.


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