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This open world game, developed by Rockstar Games was officially confirmed by Rockstar Games in early March 2004, and its tentative release date was scheduled for October 19 and 22 of that year.
This game begins in San Andreas, a fictitious state that contains three metropolitan cities: The Saints, San Fierro and Ventures, the three based on the cities of Angels, San Francisco and Las Vegas respectively.

Grand Theft Auto — The best GTA experience

This video game tells the story of Carl Johnson ” CJ ” who decides to return to the city of saints after 5 years of absence in liberty City; After learning of his mother’s murder, CJ tries to re-establish his band and family, while slowly revealing the truth behind his mother’s death.The plot of this story is loosely based on events such as the rivalry between the blood and Crips gangs, the crack epidemic, the Rampart scandal and the 1993 riots. This video game is based on elements of third-person shooting, driving and the open world. For the first time in the series, the player can swim diving and climbing walls.This video game is set in the design of the states of California and Nevada, in this same are located the saints, which take as reference the angels, San Fierro, is based on San Francisco, and ventures based on las vegas.

The three cities are connected by numerous highways, a unique railway system and several air routes. In which the player can take a plane and take a trip to the other city, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you can parachute from several hills and skyscrapers scattered throughout the state.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas not only contains huge cities and agglomerated suburbs, it can also offer you just rural areas, and peasants, making the player visit towns, which are on the outskirts of the city.

GTA — Characters

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas we can find a wide panel of characters as we progress in the video game with its history, each adapted to the situations of states, districts and cities, We will control Carl Jhonson, a young African-American gang member, Who embarks on a trip to his city after 5 years of absence, to recover the security of his family and take the neighborhood completely.
We have secondary characters like Frank Tenpenny, Edward, Pulaski and Jimmy, these are corrupt police officers belonging to the organized group called C.R.A.S.H.

Other important personages are the Sweet leader of the band of the Grove Street Families, and brother of Carl. Ryder and Big Smoke which at the beginning of the plot belong to Grove Street. We also have Kendall’s sister with her husband Cesar Vialpando.

GTA — Gangs

This is where Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes life, between the street shootings, fights and murders between bands of the neighbourhood and other states and cities of the video game to control the streets, we have the bands of Grove, Families, Temple, Seville, Ballas, Vagos, Aztecs.

GTA San Andreas PC

The edition of the game of GTA San Andreas for Ps2 still rocks! Today this magnificent game which so many people engaged is on a war footing, still there are people downloading San Andreas for PC, bearing in mind that the game was released in 2004 is an incredible fact, still people setting up servers for GTA San Andreas playing their game modalities your skins is a nearly endless game.


No doubt Rockstar was crowned with this edition of the game, San Andreas multiplayer servers remain with many active players, i.e. new generations is you can play even with a large number of people online, a recommendation would be to find cheats for GTA San Andreas, to get unlimited money, weapons or cars, to make the gameplay more fun without spending many hours.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas apk

Surely everyone who comes to this post will also want to know how to download GTA San Andreas apk, to be able to enjoy this jewel of rockstar by both Android as iOS, through the application of Gums Up discover how to download San Andreas apk.
What are you waiting? We are going to take to the streets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or you will wait to lose your territory.

GTA San Andreas free download

This great Rockstar game has several download platforms, the most common currently is for PC given that gives a great freedom to be able to modular skins and other content of the game, that if for several platforms you can get GTA San Andreas free, so if you want this game perhaps the best option is to download GTA San Andreas pc free , so do not hesitate more if you want to download GTA San Andreas pc free complete in English, you will not be a problem as there are many sources of download and is very easy to find, so you no longer need to dream to make a remembrance of this Rockstar Classic.

GTA San Andreas for Android free

The world evolves and therefore everything adapts to technology so Grand Theft Auto has also been adapted and is now available for Android you can download GTA San Andreas for Android, simply searching where to download GTA San Andreas apk, you take the installer file you dump it on your smartphone and you can enjoy your GTA for mobile , a recommendation is to see the technical features that the game has for not overloading your smartphone.
Obviously, there is no need to comment that you can get GTA San Andreas for Android free, just with a while to find a good download site to get your GTA San Andreas Android apk, and installing it as we said on your smartphone.

Grand Theft Auto Cheats

If you are interested in having all the tricks for GTA San Andreas, first you have to think that use platforms to play this game, for example if you want tricks for GTA San Andreas pc, you can visit any website that will leave all the available to get your tricks, as if you want to find tricks GTA San Andreas ps2 the same thing just looking on the Internet you will easily find the listings with all the tricks available for the game.
To get tricks GTA San Andreas for Mobile, is another issue, there are different ways, but the most effective certainly is to get tricks GTA San Andreas Android no Root, to be able to access easily from the application to enter the tricks without permissions, another issue also to consider is that you have to look for the type of smartphone that you have on one side download tricks GTA San Andreas Android and the other tricks GTA San Andreas iOS.


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