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Without a doubt, one of the hits of the 2016 summer in the world of video games will be Pokémon Go, the game that after a long wait, has finally reached our smartphones and tablets Android and iOS. You can already download pokemon go Spain in Itunes and in the Plat Store, and that all started as an innocent from Google. Professor Willow will allow you to get enough pokeballs pokemon go at the same time you are trying to capture your first pokemon, as in the first games will be Bulbasur, Charmander, or Squirtle. There are thousands of images by Facebook and other social networks. Come and discover this totally free game, and remember that you will have to active your gps mobile to use Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon apk has no mysteries: capture all the Pokemon you can, level them up so that they evolve and defeat other trainers to become a Pokemon master. But the different Pokemon feature is the Pokestops, prominent areas of your town or city in which you can take eggs, more Pokeballs or experience. As you pass by one of these areas you will have to wait to come back again, but it is highly recommended to look for them. Another most interesting update is the way to capture a Pokemon. As always, you must enter the city grass areas to find wild Pokemons and throw the Pokeball against them to capture them. However, in Pokemon Go you have to improve your aim well if you do not want to waste the Pokeball. As we move forward in the game, it will be more difficult to capture wild Pokemons so that you don’t loose the opportunity to improve your accuracy and get as many PokeBalls Pokémon Go as you can.

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In the past, and in the games of Pokémon for Game Boy of Nintendo, the money was basic to advance in the game. In the new Pokémon Go, we have the Pokecoins, a currency that can be purchased in the game similar to the other games of micropayment model. With them you can buy incense, that attracts more Pokemons during 30 minutes, or eggs that during a small time double the experience, always with the gps activated of course. The modules will help you to attract Pokemons in the Pokestops, and in the incubators you will incubate the Pokemon eggs while walking. But there are still two more important improvements we can get with these Pokecoins:  the increase of the space in your backpack and the number of Pokémon that we can carry. Two improvements very important that those players more experts appreciate. If you are thinking about using  some type of hack maybe you are going to enter an unreliable page. With Gums Up you can obtain free pokecoins with confiable hack and completely for free.

Pokemon GO for Android Play store

We have said that to buy everything you will need there are the Pokecoins. In the game itself we can get them, but they are never sufficient and Pokémon Go gives us the option of purchasing them. It is a new game, so apart of not existing hacks to get them for free, we still don’t know very well how to use them. Therefore,it is better to use applications such as Gums Up that will enable us to get free pokecoins to hack in pokemon GO. You can download Gums Up for free for Android in the Play store and iOS, and once registered, you can start to win Pokecoins. We are talking about one phenomenon rather than a video game that has flooded facebook and other social networks and do offer many hours of fun. Nintendo has returned to innovate and this time Gums Up helps you to get more Pokémon GO free pokecoins without an unreliable hack.

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It is very easy to use it in android as in iOS devices, in your iphone, ipad, or whatever you have and with the gps actived. If you go to the section WIN Gums you will see a menu with all the options you have to get them; for example, by using other applications, watching videos, or answering surveys. That’s better than a hack, because it’s like a legal hack. Next to each action you will see a brief description and the number of Gums that you win by completing it. As winning gums, you can have a look at the gifts section to check which ones you are missing to get the Pokecoins. When you have enough, redeem the gums and then you will receive the Pokecoins. It’s that easy. This is the easiest way to get free Pokemon go Pokecoins with a kind of a confiable hack, and if you invite your friends to use Gums Up, wi’ll get 200 extra gums when a friend reach the 1.500G, an opportunity that is hard to miss.

Here’s the trick that works best to get the pokecoins. Try the best hack transformed into the app and it will work 100% of the time. Download Gums Up and win the battle of Pokemon Go for andoid or iOS (iPhone or iPad).

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Without a doubt, one of the hits of the 2016 summer in the world of video games will be Pokémon Go, the game that after a long wait, has finally reached our smartphones and tablets Android and iOS.

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