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One of the most important figures in the history of video games, Sonic, returned to our screens with a great delivery to mobile devices. Sonic Dash, a game that includes all thing about the classic Sonic and captures them in 3D with an amazing level design and battles against even more spectacular at the same time than challenging bosses. If we ask what is the trait that makes a Sonic faithful to its origin? Without a doubt it is the speed, and if, in this instalment available both for Android as iOS will have it.

Sonic Dash Cheats

In Sonic Dash will have that jump, Crouch us, attack enemies and collect rings or rings that next to them starred are the currency of the game and that you will serve both for enhancing the skills of Sonic as for unlocking to more characters. Not is so simple get large amounts of rings since to which you collide against an enemy you removed a great part of your loot. You can buy rings with real money and here is where comes into play the application of Gums Up. Imagine being able to get all the rings or rings you want to exchange your gums by game rings. The gums can be of many forms among which are answering surveys, test new apps and being active in the community so it is really easy to get all the Sonic Dash enhancers.

Sonic Dash ring hack

There are various types of power-ups that you can buy in Sonic Dash among which are starting with unique under the next heading skills as it is to collect rings like a magnet, run faster for a longer period or the accelerometer to recharge faster. In addition, we also buy all types of packs of rings, from a skill that allows you to get double rings while playing, passing through packs of 105 or 650 rings Red Star, other packs with normal and Red rings or if prefer you more normal packs of up to 150,000 rings. You can also get wallpapers for your mobile phone through 2,000 rings. All these packs are available for free thanks to Gums Up. A totally reliable, fast and safe hack that will allow you to get free rings without having to go repeating levels.

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Red Star Tricks

In addition to rings, which will help you to enhance your character, get lives and many other objects also have red stars hack. would like to get infinite red stars? Are you will serve to buy both to characters as also do that the second time dies at dying not have that repeat the heading and your progress can be greater. With the rings red stars that you can buy to such charismatic characters such as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow or also, with real money, some packs of characters or the footballer Sonic classic. The rings star red, unlike the rings, they are more difficult to get, and Gums Up makes it very easy since you can already have all your cast of actors on the ground and enjoy their unique skills.

Cheats for Sonic Dash

If like a game addictive, very fun, with a speed dizzying and with multitudes of options to pass you them different levels that there is represented in locations very different without place to doubt this Sonic Dash is very recommended. A video game whose micro-transactions will not make you lose the thread of experience thanks to Gums Up, this application that will allow you to get both the normal rings and red stars you need without having to disburse money from your own pocket.



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Sonic Dash, a game that includes all thing about the classic Sonic and captures them in 3D with an amazing level design and battles against even more spectacular at the same time than challenging bosses.

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