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Lineage II Lineage II: Revolution is a fantasy game of the MMORPG type for PC and a protosequel of 150 years of Lineage II has become very popular.

In this game, we can choose between four races (Elves, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Humans) and three different classes (Warrior, Explorer and Mage) and we have the possibility to forge our team, join clans, perform missions, and even siege.

Lineage II for Android

Lineage II s a very young game but it has already become a benchmark for MMOs for Android. The best way to get this freemium game, the best thing you can do is to download Gums Up, so you can have unlimited resources: all the coins you want! Gums Up is the new app for mobile and tablets very easy to use since it is very intuitive.

How does Gums Up work?

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Lineage II for Mac

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow Lineage 2 for Mac!
1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click on the downloaded app on the third slide.
Enter Gums Up …
Finally, press the button on the bottom bar and select add on the home screen.
Enjoy this free game of Netmarble Games!

More benefits of Gums Up :
Gifts are instantly available.
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All these offers will also be available for PCs and Macs.

Lineage II: Tricks

Keep reading for some hints and tricks for Lineage II for both iOS and Android
These trick will help you to level up faster, to reach level 31 in a few hours.

1. Easy levelling and trapping
How easy it is to get money and experience to the cube! The trick here is to create three accounts to complete a DPS, a tank or a support team. This is possible if you are going to play Lineage 2 Revolution on your PC using Nox. Nox is an Android emulator that is capable of running multiple instances, as long as your PC can manage it. So you can create more than 3 characters, but as for our preferences, we suggest to be in each class and maximize their potential in each role.

3 personajes

Since the three characters are yours, all the pots and coins will be yours too! So with this set, you have triple income. With experience points, all characters will receive the same amount of monster they kill. The same system with experience points so this will help you to achieve the second task in a moment.

2. How to easily acquire legendary items
To get a 5-star weapon easily all we need to do is earn enough gems to take advantage of the 10 + 1 package. This will give you a guarantee of a top-level team. But do not be tempted to get a whole number of if you really aspire to a legendary weapon!


3. Add friends
In case playing in the Nox emulator is not possible, you still have the advantage of adding friends and telling them if they are willing to play in your place. You can also ask them if they can make a schedule adjusted to your availability. This will allow you to cover the 24 hours a day schedule. Adding friends will also help you gain social points that you can swap in the elements of the game.


4. Participate in an event
The game is not all about grinding and cultivating. And if you do, you’ll get tired and maybe you’ll quit after 2 weeks. The game offers plenty of extra content to check out that will especially lead you to play until you get addicted! This will be your chance to get premium coins so you can take advantage of a 10x draw. One way to earn gems is by joining in to participate in events.


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