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One of the interesting and fascinating mobile games in the ios / Android market is the Monument Valley puzzle, an unreal journey through fantastic constructions and impossible geometries, with a captivating story, in which you have to solve different puzzles to escape incredible labyrinths.

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In Monument Valley, you must manipulate impossible architectures and guide a silent princess through a world of incomparable beauty. He guides the silent Princess Ida through mysterious monuments, reveals optical illusions, discovers hidden paths, and mocks the enigmatic Raven Men.


Inspired by minimalist three-dimensional design, optical illusions and palaces and temples around the world. Each monument is a unique and artisan world to explore.


With an intuitive graphical interface and full usability: rotate and delineate to shape the world and guide Ida through it. Designed so that everyone can enjoy it and complete it.


The world reacts to your actions with an unreal and exciting sound environment. It is advisable to use headphones.


How many chapters does Monument Valley have? Well, 10 chapters exactly, with excellent graphics.

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With Gums Up you can get the video game for the two operating systems, Android and IOS, in its latest version available: Monument Valley v.2 4.22. Its usual price is $ 3.99 on the Apple AppStore for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and € 2.99 on the Android PlayStore. The good and excellent news is that the game you can download FREE, yes FREE as you read.

Monument Valley for Android Free

Here’s how you’ll get the incredible Monument Valley Apk free Android.
To do this, what you need to do, first of all, is to download the application Gums Up, which is, to date, the best application on the market. Then, once downloaded, the mechanics are as follows:
You have to complete different offers, and for that, they will give you different points or gums. These points will be accumulating in your account, and when you want, you will be able to exchange them for many prizes.

How do you get these points?

Once the app is installed on your Android device, go to the section “Win Gums”, where you will see a series of applications to download. You download the apps you want; use them for a minimum of 30 seconds (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and you will automatically receive the gums that are indicated. Gums Up will send you a code, which you will have to put in the “redeem” section of your Play Store account, and it will be redeemed for the amount you have.

Another way to accumulate points is by viewing announcements, filling in or inviting your friends to install Gums Up, which we strongly recommend because you take 500 gums for each friend who downloads the application!

Monument Valley for iPhone Free

Monument Valley was awarded the “Apple iPad Game of the Year 2014” and the “Apple Design Award 2104” and “Best Game of the Year 2014”.

Here are 5 easy steps to download Monument Valley for iOS for free!

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2.Click on download the app located on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up …
4. Finally, press the button located in the bottom bar and select add on the home screen.
5. Enjoy this beautiful free game!

Monument Valley Free for iPad

The steps to follow are the same in the case of the iPad:

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click on download the app located on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up …
4. Finally, press the button located in the bottom bar and select add on the home screen.
5. Enjoy this beautiful free game!

Monument Valley App Cheats

These 5 key tricks will help you on your journey through the fantastic world of Ida:

1. Do not consider what it looks like, consider how it looks from Ida’s posture.
Each stage that Ida arrives will no doubt confuse your first interpretation of what your eyes are seeing.

When you get your initial look at a stage, stop for a second to look at it from several different angles so you can imagine how you can move Ida through it. This game focuses on optical illusions, so do not fool yourself into thinking a certain set of stairs is impossible to reach.

Remember this: do not pay attention to what is exactly in front of you; pay close attention to everything that is relative to Ida’s position and how certain areas appear from another point of view.

2. Plan Ida’s move before you sends her on her way.

As soon as you enter a new stage, take a look at all the different ladders, ladders and movement mechanisms with which you can interact.

It is best to plan ahead of time how you are going to approach the end of a stage by familiarizing yourself with a stage layout and moving Ida to objects with which you can interact. Chances are that the switches you encounter play an important role in driving Ida to your ultimate goal.

3. Ida can only move around the areas where you can see it.

Always keep this in mind: Ida can only move around the areas where you are able to see her at all times. If Ida is no longer in sight, then you will not have any way to move it from the current perspective you are in.

– Sometimes you discover paths that seem to be completely hidden from view, so make sure your perspective changes a few times so that the path no longer appears hidden.
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4. Take all you can: there is no risk of failure.

Do crazy things and try your best to complete each stage. Monument Valley works with the player instead of against the player, as it does not allow Ida to die or fail players for not completing a stage in a certain time limit. It pays to experiment with every vision perspective you have access to since you will not be punished for what you do with Ida and your options of movement.

5. Stay alert on every stage space.

As soon as you detect a set of cranks or other mechanical mechanisms located on a stage, try to interact with them as soon as possible. You can find out which cranks cannot interact with Ida because of some of the areas of the stage that you step in advance.

Keep your attention on the behaviour of crows and the many ways in which mechanical objects interact with the stage itself.

Remember that objects can also move when crows are on top of them.

Do not hesitate: download our application and start earning Gums to redeem for free money, gems and resources!

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