Subway Surfers

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You do not knowSubway Surfers?yet?
Subway Surfers is the classic racing game in which you control Jake, a teenager who is caught painting graffiti in the subway and has to flee from the station guard and his dog. In front of you will come to a lot of obstacles like parked cars, barriers, narrow tunnels or moving trains that you will have to dodge by showing off your strategy and skill …

Subway Surfers is a mobile game available for Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone. Since launching it in 2012 its followers have not stopped growing and today we can affirm that it has triumphed.

Subway Surfers for Android

The best way to get this f freemium game you can do is to download Gums Up before, so you can have unlimited resources like coins, gems or money. Gums Up is the new app for smartphones and tablets very easy to use since it is very intuitive.

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Subway Surfers for iPhone

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow download Subway Surfers for iPhone!

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click on the downloaded app on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up …
4. Finally, press the button on the bottom bar and select add on the home screen.
5. Enjoy this free Kiloo racing game for free!

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Subway Surfers: Tricks

Read on for some Subway Surfers tricks and tricks for both iOS and Android and get the most out of the most popular endless runner game on mobile devices!

  • Mysterious Boxes

Spend your coins in the purchase of mysterious boxes, as they contain character cards and coins

  • Controlled Jump

When you find yourself jumping too far when the game speeds up you can help avoid it by rolling (knockdown) when you jump as doing so causes your character to fall to the ground.

  • Dead Ends

Whenever possible try to stay on top of the trains, as it is easier to avoid the dead ends there.

  • Mega Home Advantage

You can earn 10,000 points easily as soon as you start your mission without having to jump or roll when you activate the Mega Headstart that will throw you into the sky.

  • Hoverboards

A good strategy is to buy the hoverboards as often as you can for 300 coins as they have a higher return on investment throughout the store. They will also give you immunity for 30 seconds when they are active so if you crash you will just fall off the skateboard and continue to run.

Subway Surfers: infinite keys and coins

The goal of the game is to keep Jake alive as long as possible, run, jump and collect as many coins as we can to achieve the highest possible score!

How to get coins and infinite keys Subway Surfers

The coins are of great importance in this game as they will be very useful to be able to buy upgrades and elements that will help you in the flight: skates, sneakers cooler and jetpacks they will make you cross the air. With coins, you can also increase the duration of your coin magnet and your jetpack. And from Gums Up we recommend that you also put together as many keys as you can to play non-stop. Use them when you reach a high score so you can continue playing!

Something that you could do is the easy trap to install a Subway Surfers hack, but from Gums Up we advise you to watch with the webs that are of doubtful trust and could be a danger for your mobile …

You can also buy them with real money and thus you will spend the video game much faster …

But the smartest and easiest and fun way to win is with Gums Up: In Gums Up we have coins and infinite keys Subway Surfers! Thanks to our application you will simply have to meet the requirements to exchange points or gums for the coins you need! In Gums Up you can get all the prizes you can imagine, be it coins, music, gems, games, apps … totally free. The gamers as you can get all kinds of free coins for your favourite games using Gift Cards or PayPal money!

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