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Temple Run 2 is without a doubt the continuation of one of the ‘endless runner’ existing most successful worldwide, since players of history agree that it is excellent (the first part has been downloaded nothing more and nothing less than more than 170 million times), surprising is that remains faithful to the proposal of the original of the home by offering a very similar mechanism to which added you some changes and really interesting new features to the game.


Temple Run 2 Cheats

There are different types of secrets temple run 2, and it’s worth discovering them to enjoy the game to its full potential, there are several tricks some are tricks temple run 2 levels, others to get chests temple run 2 and some to achieve temple run 2 objectives.

If you are interested in finding some temple run 2 hack, you are lucky because there are also several you have to do is find a temple run 2 mod apk and install it on your smartphone, there are for various platforms, temple run 2 android tricks, it is also Temple run 2 iPhone tricks and finally temple run 2 iPad tricks. There are several hacks is the temple run 2 infinite money, which as it says is to get unlimited money in temple run 2. The other hack that is much sought after is the temple run 2 infinite gems used to get free gems to temple run 2.

Temple Run 2 — Find out more about it

Among the existing innovations found in the famous Temple Run 2 game stands out the presence of new and more complicated obstacles and power-ups of all kinds, which will now have to be even more vigilant when playing for everything that happens to our around in the game.

In addition, you can now enter the bonus that we found when we choose, thus adding a component additional strategy to the mix of this game.

Another interesting novelty which brings Temple Run 2 is that each character that you can choose currently have their own skills, so we can specialize better in each one of them whenever you want; provided you have bought before, is clear.

Graphical levels this game has also improved significantly with respect to the first issue that came out years ago. It now has better models of character, most striking scenes, big and nice textures are only some of the elements that we will notice that they have changed to the naked eye in the game.

Temple Run 2 is definitely a very fun and addictive game in which we spend hours and hours jumping, spinning out and avoiding all these obstacles that certainly our courageous protagonists only within its flight rude.

Temple Run 2 is the second part of a game filled with many expectations around the world where we have to move with our keyboard (in the case of the pc) our adventurous hero so you skip many holes, or avoid all these obstacles that exist while both, to run on their furtive flight. Against more time is running higher the speed to arrive on time.

In addition continues this that during this tour we will have to collect coins to score more and more points and then redeem them for skills that will help us, bonus, and even other new riders that will take the highest speed at the time of the persecution.

For the hour of play temple run 2 use the MOUSE and the deslizarmos to right or left of your keyboard as we go asking for the game, or above to jump and down to slide down on the floor in dealing with another kind of obstacles.

Temple Run 2 for you have your version of Windows PC DeskTop and AndyOS, an existing emulator for Android for Windows, requires to function properly.



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