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One of the most downloaded Mobile games of the history is Candy Crush, the origin game of the Candy Crush Saga, a saga that has given us a lot of hours of fun in our smartphones and tablets. The idea is easy: combine all the candies and jellies to surpass all screens and levels. It’s really a pretty addictive saga that has so many levels, and although in theory is a free game, it is what is considered a freemium game: to download it is free, but certain purchases can be made through microcredit in Candy Crush.

The lives of Candy Crush

All players start with five lives. Every half hour, Candy Crush will be giving us a life, but according to your ability to get rid of the candy will help you more or less. If you have quickly lost your lives because you are stuck on a level, it is difficult now to win another life. In Candy Crush Saga you will have to wait another half hour to receive the second life, so you’re not going to pass the level until you stop playing and wait two hours and a half to recharge all lives again. But there are other ways of getting free Candy Crush lives. Facebook has been one of the social networks in which it has been more played Candy Crush Saga. Surely that more than once you have received requests from your friends, who invited you to lend to them lives on Facebook. You can also do it, but what you should keep in mind is to ask for a life to those friends who continue to send requests on Facebook. If you ask someone that doesn’t play to Candy Crush, it is difficult that they give you lives.

You can get free lives with Gums Up

Tricks Candy Crush

On the internet we find other tricks to get lives in this saga and game. One of them is to change the time of your smartphone or tablet to cheat the game. It’s a little confusing this trick but is a trick that in any way is little reliable in the game. But the more impatient forget all these tricks and directly you buy the game lives. If you still can’t wait those minutes and you’re impatient because you have already discovered how to spend that level that you’ve spent a lot of lives and do not want to pass by the cash, to pass that level, in particular, you need more lives. The best thing you can do is to use Gums Up, an app that also allows us to get all the lives that we need for Candy Crush free saga.

Unlimited life in Candy Crush

Gums Up is one of those applications that we don’t pay to use them. Just go to the Play Store or App Store for download it for free. To start using it you have to register, what we will do in just two minutes. The objective is simple, win gums to then redeem for prizes of Gums Up. If you want Candy Crush lives, money from PayPal or Google Play and App Store Gift cards will serve to pay for lives in the store of Candy Crush Saga. Imagine to have infinite lives, all free lives that we want, that is possible with Gums Up and many possibilities to offer you free lives and infinite candy crush to beat the level that you want. What could be better than this trick to win free lives on Candy Crush? It is not so much a tip but a chance to gain infinite lives in a legal way.

If you are interested in knowing tricks to win lives in the candy crush saga game, do not a dude! Enter in Gums Up and then you will have the possibility to pass those levels or the hell level of candy crush. There are many pages which offer you cheats and tricks with good looking but they are not very reliable: with Gums Up you have the possibility to spend that hard level like you were using cheats but totally secure.

Get free lives on Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played worldwide, besides that is incorporating content and new levels, it is then when you need to play Gums Up. Imagine that you lose some levels and you lose many lives. Gums Up offers you the possibility to be able to buy more lives and then beat all the levels you want. In Candy Crush Saga each level will increase the difficulty and we give you a help to get as far as possible! Yes! There are no cheats and we know that you can find a lot of cheats and tricks in a lot of different tips of pages, but they are unreliable. We give you the option to play Candy Crush Saga with unlimited lives beating all the levels that you want!

To get Gums you just need to download the application and go to the section of WIN Gums. It will appear the section to start earning Gums in a menu with all the options: you can use and test applications, view videos, respond to surveys… In addition, instead of asking your friends free Candy crush saga lives, you can invite them to Gums Up and, in addition, to get them on their own, they will report you 200 Gums for you once they get 1.500G. Then you only have to go to the gifts catalogue and redeem those Gums for gifts. It’s easy to get all the lives you want for Candy Crush game to overcome the difficulties level to level.

Don’t hesitate: download our application and get a lot of FREE prizes & rewards!




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