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This game is commonly known as WoT, is a free tank game developed by altaya, including semi-historical vehicles of war accurately. World of Tanks includes more than 210 armored vehicles from Germany, the Soviet Union United States of America, France, United Kingdom, china Japan and Czechoslovakia.
This is one of the first games of the Belarusian company altaya in to be released under the free modelWorld of Tanks remains currently a Guinness in the category of greatest amount of players online simultaneously on an MMO server, although its gender specific, remains debatableThis game in March 2013 broke the record of 800,000 players connected at the same time, this customer has several languages depending on the server to which this directed, the North American client includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, French andKorean, pointing to North America, Latin America and Asia.

Nations and their characteristics:

  • Soviet Union: are the most balanced tanks: simple, fast and very easy to maneuver, they also have excellent fire power, so is the nation most recommended for beginners, but like everything else, they have a disadvantage which is slow in its canyons recharging have low accuracy as well as a relatively thin armour.
  • Germany: Main feature of this nation is the time you are running their cannons. However, firepower is slightly below the rest of the Nations, and while it has a very good shielding the inclination of the same limited, is one of the most complicated Nations of the game which is the least recommended for beginners.
  • United States: The most out feature of all these tanks is that they have an extremelyarmoured turret but a very thin armor on the chassis and cannons capable of performing a wide angle of depression. Therefore, they are suitable for tactical helmet down.
  • France: In the first few levels have strongly armoured but slow and poorly armed trucks. In later tiers change dramatically to fast cars and agile, but lacking armor, the last tiers have cannons with drum.
  • United Kingdom: British tanks were two concepts of truck: a truck very fast assault and a heavy infantry support truck these ideas can be seen in the middle of the English branch with two lines one of heavy trucks: slow, but well shielded, among other light and fast and very poorly shielded.
There are also a variety of trucks of other branches such as China, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, implemented with the arrival of updates.
World of tanks exist heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, hunting carts, self-propelled cannons, tanks Premium and reward.

There are game modes such as:

  • Team battles: two teams of 7 players
  • Skirmishes: Small scale inter-clan battles lasts 15 minutes.
  • Clan wars: battles at large scales between clans.
  • Historical battles: battles organized formally or unofficially which commemorate some of the battles of the second world war.

World Of Tanks Ps4

World of tanks for ps4, if you listen to this online game “free to play”, it is available for ps4 and xbox, for the first time this game will be available in multiplayer for the versions of Wot Xbox 360 and Wot Xbox One. Of this multiplayer will be able to enjoy the experience in battles of tanks of last generation for his favorite platform.

The tricks for world of tanks are the order of the day every day updated, the users of this game also go crazy looking for bonus codes of world of tanks or world of tanks apk hack, to be able to enjoy the game to the maximum with all its Resources, undoubtedly another multiplayer game that is currently triumphing.

World Of Tanks Hacks

In WOT there are several types of hacks, first you will have to see for which platform you require them, for example you can choose hacks for Ps4 or world of tanks hack android. A world of tanks cheat engine can serve you among other things to have the whole map discovered, with the map hack wot, on the other hand what people want to know is also how to get free gold in world of tanks or how to get free tanks In world of tanks. With wot hacks, you can discover all the wot tricks you want. A recommendation to generate gold without using hacks, may be to discover which is the tank that gives more credits wot.

What are you waiting for join World of tanks? There‘s a war to win.




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This game is commonly known as WoT, is a free tank game developed by altaya, including semi-historical vehicles of war accurately.

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