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Make money with online photos

When we talk about making money with online photos we mean making money with a passion, you can get paid just by publishing your best pictures of any kind. And for the photo to stand out, it is necessary to travel to places never seen before or already seen but not captured by the magic eye of the camera. Leer más

Dead trigger 2 hp free

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best first-person shooter games for free and with a very simple approach. The planet has been ravaged by an infection, turning every human into a zombie. You can already imagine who is going to save it and shoot left and right as we overcome levels and waves of undead, right? Leer más

Free machinarium

Machinarium is the award-winning indie adventure game created and released by the developers of Amanita Design. A puzzle/adventure game centered on Josef, the little robot who has been thrown into the dump behind the city and must return and face the Brotherhood of the Black Hat and save his robot girlfriend Berta from their clut... Leer más

Monument valley free lives

One of the most interesting and fascinating mobile games in the ios/Android market is the Monument Valley puzzle, an unreal journey through fantastic constructions and impossible geometries, with a captivating story, in which you have to solve various puzzles to escape from incredible mazes. Â Leer más

Coins and endless keys subway surfers

Subway Surfers is the classic racing game where you control Jake, a teenager who gets caught painting graffiti in the subway and has to run away from the station warden and his dog. In front of you will come a lot of obstacles like parked cars, barriers, narrowing tunnels or moving trains that you will h... Leer más

Minion rush coins and endless bananas

Minion Rush is a 3D video game in which players will have to control the famous Minions from the movie Gru: My Favorite Villain. The game's genre is Endless Runner, like Sonic Dash, where the user must advance in the same direction, usually by escaping from an enemy, and whose goal is to advance as far as possible and eat all ... Leer más

Earn free paypal money

Earning free Paypal money is easier with Gums Up! Now you can participate in any of our advertising campaigns and we will reward you with Gums Up that you can redeem for PayPal money. With Gums Up you can earn money online to help your family's finances. Then, do whatever you want! Buy the digital product you are interested in, o... Leer más

Best ps4 war games

ð¥LÌ?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì?Ì There are a ton of great video games coming out every year and in the mix are the war titles. If you have a PlayStation 4 console and are looking for some great games that are Ps4 warriors, then you'll want to take a look at our list below. ð®BEST PS4 WAR GAMES 2020 The best war games are those that contribute ... Leer más

Free google play cards

At Gums Up we have all the Google Play cards for free! In our application for 2019 you can get them quickly and easily: you only have to participate in some of our campaigns, such as downloading applications, answering surveys or watching videos, among others. Feel free: Download our application and start earning gums to trade for Google Play Gift Cards. ð¥GIFT CA... Leer más

Kingdom hearts 3 free lives

Finally on January 29th it was released: we can now enjoy the title developed by Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts III, which is already available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Kingdom Hearts players have been waiting for 13 years for this title to be released, and even though it has found its way to the final stage, there is nothing to stop users from looking forward to the... Leer más