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These photo retouching applications will help the photos I took on your device
mobile or tablet are even more surprising than they already are. In fact, it is possible that the
ames so much that you don’t find a great need for online photo editors or software.
free photo editing.

In each of these wonderful applications you will find a host of tools that
will easily allow you to give your photos the retouching you want. You can give it that touch
personal and creative that you want very easily.
If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll be pleased to know that almost all of these
applications are available on your phone and can be downloaded and used in a variety of ways.
totally free.



And which are the best apps to retouch photos? We have you covered. In GumsUP we have the perfect ranking with the 4 best apps of the moment for your device.


Pixlr is another excellent app for retouching photos or images that allows you to edit them from the comfort of your own home.
roll of your camera, as well as other new ones you take from inside the application.
One of the first things that stand out is the fact that Pixlr can superimpose several
images on top of each other, and even adjust their opacity and size, a little bit like a
full desktop image editing program that supports layers.

The variety of tools included in Pixlr is very wide.
pencil, silk, poster, watercolor, antique, unicolor, vintage or cross effect to an image, between
It also supports the cropping and rotation of the image, apply an automatic solution and
adjust the contrast, blur, tone, sharpness, smoothness, saturation and brightness settings.

Tons of edges are available in categories such as square, nature, paper, etc.
torn, rounded corners, ink, grunge and film. There are also many types of text
and dozens of stickers.
When you have finished using Pixlr, you can send by email and share your
image edited on social networking sites. You can also resize it to any size.
size before saving it to your device.


The effects and styles you can add to an image with Google’s Snapseed application
are very pleasant, and applying these changes is extremely easy with just sliding the

All tools are hidden and are only accessible by sliding up and down.
down as you slide to the left and right changes the intensity of the
For some tools, touch the tool button.
will show even more styles and effects that you can apply in relation to that tool.

You can edit an image with Snapseed by pasting one into the application, opening one from its
photo library or by inserting a new one through the application.
At the bottom of the application there are about 15 different categories where you will
find all the tools.

Some of the Snapseed categories include simple functions such as
trimming and reinforcement, while others provide a way to make color adjustments
manual or automatic, blur and focus parts of the image, add a frame to the image
and, among other things, change the brightness, atmosphere, saturation and warmth.

Snapseed also has great effects like Vintage, Drama, HDR Scape,
Grunge and RETROLUX, each with its own set of color manipulation options
and other customization opportunities.
An overlookable feature allows you to compare your edited image with the one you’ve edited.
Simply press and hold the image when you don’t want to import it.
is not using any tool and you will be able to instantly compare the two editions.


BeFunky is an extremely easy to use application because you can simply slide
your finger from side to side to adjust the intensity of the tools.
There are many things you can do with BeFunky, such as trimming, straightening and rotating a
You can also adjust the brightness, filler light, contrast, tone, smoothing, the
exposure, temperature, saturation and other adjustments.

BeFunky has a text tool and can apply a border and various effects to a text tool.
Also included is a red-eye remover, eye color changer, applicator
lipstick, wrinkle remover and, among others, a tool to whiten the lips.
Undo changes are super simple with BeFunky because it shows a history of
thumbnails of the changes you’ve made so you can easily determine which ones
distance wants to reverse the image.

Once you have finished using BeFunky, you can download the edited image on the roll
from the camera, save it to your BeFunky account, or send it to social networking sites.


PiZap allows you to retouch the photos you have on your device or in one of your account.
You can also open a free background image from a preloaded gallery.
with the application.

The first step allows you to crop the image, and then you can add an effect, text,
adhesives and edges, as well as removing the background from the images.
brush so you can paint any color on your photo with one of the four sizes of

Because PiZap supports layers, you can import more than one photo onto the original, as well as
move the labels backwards or forwards from other images.

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