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Running is considered to be one of the best training routines to stay in shape.
Although it has other benefits as well, that’s why apps have been developed for running.
of great quality for you.

Not only does it help people maintain their health and immunity, but it also increases their
confidence, causes weight loss, and eliminates stress and depression.

In this age of smart phones and applications, where everything can be accessed with just
one click.  Application developers have created a number of applications to guide you and your business.
If you are an avid runner and love to monitor your health and your progress over time, you can take a look at some of the best apps for
running off our list.



There are plenty of apps available to run right now on Android. While most of the applications in the Play Store share common features, 4 of these applications have features that differentiate them from the rest of the applications.

There are three main factors that are used here to judge these applications:

  1. The application must be free, or at least have a feature-rich free version.
  2. The application must have mapping functions using the built-in GPS on Android phones.
  3. The application must be customizable.


Strava is one of the best applications to run and monitor your performance over the long term.
You can track your performance and establish your records.
Unlike other applications, it does not focus on weight loss. Strava is for runners
professionals who focus more on improving interval time and rhythm distribution.


Obtain key statistics such as distance, pace, speed, elevation obtained, and the
an interactive map of your activity, during and after the event.
Follow your friends, train your friends to see the activities of others and encourage and
send comments.
It also allows you to share activity details on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Show the best moments of your career or walk.
Works with almost all GPS clocks, cyclists and activity trackers.
We have also listed some of the pros and cons of the application:


  • A detailed observation of the activities carried out is obtained.
  • You can establish personal records and compete with your friends.
  • Follow professionals from around the world and join challenges with them.


  • You don’t have total control over what is to be shared.
  • Some of the good features are limited in the premium payment version.
  • Membership is very expensive


Runtastic is a good running application and it’s free. Â It is not just an application in
You can track running, jogging, bicycling, and more.
It can track distance, time, speed, elevation, calories, etc.
and more.


This application has a built-in trainer that trains you to reach the goals you want to achieve.
seem unattainable.
Not only does it track all physical conditioning activities on time
but also keeps a detailed record of all your workouts, which makes it easier for you to get the most out of your training.
encourages you to compete with each other and keep track of your progress.
One of the best features of the application, shows information about climate, the
temperature and sunset / sunrise to help you choose the tracks and program the ones you want.
training sessions accordingly.
It has a running classification table: to see where you and
your friends.
Has Powersong (music player that helps you enjoy and stay focused)
while you run) and live tracking and vectors (upload photos, share location and send /
get thumbs from your friends in real time) and more.


We have also listed some of the pros and cons of the application:


  • Real-time monitoring of your fitness activities.
  • Live Tracking heering is a good way to stay connected with your friends and
    compete with them.
  • In addition to Powersong, an integrated music player increases your performance.


  • The Pro version is expensive
  • Doesn’t have full access to Wearables.

🏃‍♀️3. NIKE + RUN CLUB

The Nike + Run Club application is one of the best applications for running.
tracking your career and helping you achieve your goals.


No matter what your trajectory, trail, treadmill or streets are, MotionX combines GPS and
your phone’s accelerometer and provides accurate tracking of your distance, pace, and
Measure your progress every mile with audio comments running.
Compete with your friends and try to overcome the leadership cadres, since a competition
is the perfect motivation.
You are looking for a trainer and your objective is to run 5K or Marathon. Nike + Run Club Coach offers you
a training program, training experience, and daily workouts for the following
get ready for the race.

We have also listed some of the pros and cons of the


  • Detailed records that help you identify the pace and distance travelled.
  • Provides motivation through music and an online community.
    It’s free.


  • Some users have claimed that GPS mapping is inaccurate.


RunKeeper, another top running app for iPhone and Android, keep track of your workout routine, stay focused, set goals, sweat and see your progress.


The distance travelled, the rhythm used, is tracked precisely.
Keep track of your workouts: running, jogging, biking, really
With GPS, you get a real-time view of your workout.
A motivating voice that can be personalised to stimulate your rhythm, distance and time.

Customized routines that fit the person’s busy schedule with reminders
useful, just in case.

Participate and challenge, earn exercise rewards, and share shopping with your friends and family.
We have also listed some of the pros and cons of the application:


  • Accurate tracking of whether it is heat intake or rhythm, distance, steps taken.
  • Keep a detailed workout history and share your progress with friends


  • The payment version is expensive.
  • Sends you a notification to upgrade to Pro from time to time.

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