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Smart phones are useful for many things. One of the less typical use cases is for digitizing documents.
It is quite useful when you want to have in digital format and be able to take wherever you want.
all the documents you need, plus this allows you to make edits and
corrections to many files, if you are interested in adding this utility to your mobile but do not have
idea from how…
Don’t worry because we can help you. Here are the best scanner applications

of documents for Android!


Now we list the best apps for truly useful scanning that will save you time and money on sophisticated desktop applications.

Let’s get started!


Adobe Scan is one of the newest document scanner applications. However,
You can scan documents and receipts such as the
It also includes color presets to make the document more legible if it is
You can access the scanned documents on your device as needed.
You can email them or back them up to the cloud if you want.
The conversion of documents to PDF is another feature that should be useful.
Characteristics is not long, but has the important things.


CamScanner is currently one of the most popular applications and with more downloads, this
is a simple tool that allows you to export scanned documents to PDF or PDF format.
JPG in a simple way.
In addition, you can print using cloud printing or even fax by fax documents.
It also has native support in the cloud or support in the cloud for
Drive, Dropbox or Box.
There are even collaboration features. You can get most of the basic functions
Another option is to subscribe to the service for $4.99. That should unlock
all the features for those who really need them.


Clear Scanner is a lightweight option for document scanner applications.
fast processing speeds and cloud support for Google Drive, OneDrive and
There are options for PDF and JPEG conversions.
Some other features include a small application size,
organizational functions, editing options, and more.
We also like fast processing speeds, superior scanning quality
to the media and its simple editing functions. You can get most of the application
free or pay $2.49 for the pro version.


Document Scanner bills itself as an all-in-one scanning solution.
most basic functions such as PDF conversion, scanning, OCR support, and more.
However, it also includes a QR code scanner and image support.
Therefore, you can use this to scan virtually anything. It even has a
function to turn on a flashlight in a dimly lit environment.
the most powerful document scanner applications.
That’s how these things work. Still, it’s a great option for those who need to
to kill several birds with one stone.


Fast Scanner is a solid scanner application, you will find most of the features.
This includes PDF and JPEG support, document scanning, and some of the most popular
editing functions.
It is also compatible with cloud printing. The developer also has a
faxing application that works in case you need to fax documents.
Free version seems to limit the number of documents you can scan.
The pro version removes this restriction.


Genius Scan is another of the most popular applications for scanning documents.
key functions for scanning, converting and sharing documents.

It also has features to improve the scanning of items such as notes
The user interface is quite simple and we enjoyed it.
scanning quality and editing tools.
Like Fast Scanner, these developers also have a separate application for
send faxes if you need to do so along with some additional applications that still add
more. The Pro version costs $7.99 and offers most features.
There is also a subscription service, but we only recommend it to those who use
this application religiously.


Office Lens is par excellence the Microsoft home scanner application.
It scans documents such as, for example, the following documents
as usual.
The application also has good quality for things like receipts, chalkboards, sketches,
You can save your scans on Microsoft OneNote for a single click.
quick reference below.
The application also works for Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish and German. It is free for
download and use, whether or not you have a subscription to Office 365. However, it works
better with a Microsoft Office subscription, if that matters.


Scanbot is a functional and relatively competent document scanner.
It allows you to scan documents, send them anywhere, store them in your computer, and use the
the cloud or even fax them if necessary.
Also comes with support for QR code scanning, barcode scanning and
It’s a bit of a buggy and the OCR could get better.
we’ll recommend.
However, like CamScanner, it competently covers enough use cases.
where the benefits outweigh the cons.
It’s good for what it does. Most of the purchases within the application are for credits.
Most features are free of charge.

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