A Way Out – Review

When the first official trailer for this game was shown at the conference E3 2017, the prediction of a radical change in the world of videogames became more and more a shared opinion.

Electronic Arts has indeed given birth, thanks to the hard work of the team of Hazelight Studios, to one of the most anticipated titles among the list of many announced at the conference. The peculiarity of this game is in fact that it was conceived solely as a title multiplayer adventure game, to play alongside a friend locally or online with shared screen.

For the occasion we had the opportunity to play side by side with a trusted friend, Nicholas (Making it in effect A Way Out a fugue between two homonyms ..).

Could this game actually lead to future change for the gaming industry? Let's analyze together A Way Out, a game as unusual as it is fascinating!

Two men, two reasons to survive


The story revolves around two characters, Leo e Vincent, both found themselves in prison for different reasons, but with a common reason to survive:

  • -Leo Caruso, a 36-year-old man of Italian origin. He has a history as a thief, having in fact ended up in prison for trying to steal the Black Orlov, a priceless diamond.
  • -Vincent Moretti, 43-year-old man and former bank employee. He ended up getting involved in illicit affairs, which later saw him framed and incarcerated against his will.

The two protagonists have completely different personalities and methods, being described by the game as "Safe, quick-tempered and ironic" for Leo and "Rational, disciplined and reserved" for Vincent.

Leo has long been studying un piano in fuga, which at the end of some bickering between the two protagonists, will also include Vincent.

The two players will have to overcome all the steps of Leo's plan and put aside the differences, in order to escape and get their lives back, except that, to return to lead a regular life, there is still a long way to go. and many obstacles to overcome.

The plot, which takes about eight hours to complete, is truly enjoyable and exciting, never boring and repetitive; The strong point, in fact, is the absence of revised situations and environments similar to each other. The two protagonists, as complete strangers as they were, soon become like brothers, sharing the joys and sorrows of their adventure. This escape, however, will have to come to an end sooner or later, and the end game features a huge twist spiced up with a mix of emotions that will leave the two players stunned.

The centerpiece of A Way Out

As already mentioned, this game has the distinction of being a split-screen adventure, which immediately makes it an interesting title.

The emblem of this title is the emotion that comes from sharing a special adventure with a friend, a companion who, between ingenious escapes and breathtaking pursuits, will share with us wonderful moments in company.

This concept has been perfectly adapted, creating a mix of events capable of guaranteeing hours of guaranteed fun.

In terms of gameplay, the game offers the possibility to advance in the adventure by moving around to explore the different game areas, performing single or couple actions, in the second case allowing the two players to support each other in different ways or during cutscenes dedicated, such as in some combat scenes or during chases.

Couple action example.
It is possible to make decisions depending on the style of the two characters.
Coordination and timing are key.

Another fundamental element of gameplay is to make the experience interactive for both players, giving them the opportunity to interact not only with those around them, but especially with thing surrounds them: A Way Out, among the many positive notes, it often presents the possibility of entertaining oneself with small well-made couple mini-games, seasoned with cute dialogues and unexpected Easter eggs.

The list of elements to add to the cauldron, however, does not end here: we are talking about a really well done title, full of passion and hard work behind it, which will make the adventure always enjoyable and fun for all "Leos and Vincent" who they will want to try it.

Final judgement

A Way Out is a title that convinced us, offering itself for what it is, which is a unique and exciting adventure full of action, love and humanity. The graphics and sound sector is of good quality, making the most of the power of Unreal Engine with the exception of slight graphic glitches sometimes present but of little importance.

The cost for the game, being programmed to last 8 hours in total, it is about thirty euros, quite honest price if we consider that it could be shared with a friend willing to accompany us. Furthermore, platinizing the game will not be complicated, and indeed it will offer the possibility of adding a pinch of challenge and curiosity during the adventure.

The dubbing in English and the main characters are presented as a whole in an excellent way, involving the player throughout the course of the plot. What struck most, however, was the team's gamble Hazelight Studios to propose a work full of particular elements, which could make the most skeptical players turn up their noses.

Their gamble has put them in a complicated situation, bearing high expectations on their shoulders and the hope of being the beginning of a long series of revolutionary titles, which could expand the concept of video games even more than it is today.

In our opinion, this venture was a total success!

A special comment

As said initially, we had the opportunity to live this experience next to a friend, Nicholas, and we would like to bring you back your comment about the game:

“A type of game that hasn't been seen for a long time, nevertheless a pleasant discovery in today's videogame world.
Very simple and intuitive gameplay, which brings the game within everyone's reach. It has some graphical bugs, but little things that don't affect the game experience.
The strong point of the title is the plot: an engaging story that, with moments of reflection and moments of pure adrenaline, will keep players glued to the screens.
In conclusion, a good price for a game that will not disappoint you, albeit with a game mode already seen in the past, but missing in recent years.
A look at the past projected towards the future.

I rate this game with Eight and a half "

The game is available for purchase:

  • Su Amazon per console Playstation 4 e Xbox One
  • On Origin for PC


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