The last anniversary update of Overwatch

On May 23 there was the last update of Overwatch, well this was the start date of the new Overwatch event, even if the information has already disappeared from the official page can continue to play, at 17:00 European time began this event , To run the event apparently until June 13 at 9:00 AM.

This is the original message of the new Overwatch update

Starting May 23, 2017, we will begin the Overwatch birthday celebration. Overwatch celebrates its first anniversary of age. Little by little, the game company "Blizzard" announced more and more cuts in the big event. So you know what to expect in the coming days and weeks when we had to create what belongs to the same group. New heroes (and those who want to be) able to take their chance at the weekend from May 26 to 30 of 2017a These days they are allowed to overwatch and the 24 heroes and 14 maps to play for free, to attend Birthday event, level up and get Lootboxen. All pertinent information about the major weekend test has been summarized in this article.

New Arena maps, skins and emoticons for your heroes

As part of the anniversary, the arena will open for all! This also brings three new maps for Overwatch, where each play on the Dorado, Oak Forest and Anubis Temple cards - all three maps are adjusted to reflect the new Arena mode. Especially Blizzard has published a short presentation video that you can consult on their website. Other visual delights contributed in this update are those of the dances and skins that enter as extra added in the game with the anniversary. So far we know that Zarya, Soldier: 76, Bastion and Pharah will get a new image. Undoubtedly, the preview of the new skins of this Overwatch Anniversary has generated much stir. In addition, Blizzard has confirmed on Instagram that our favorite heroes can dance! Our beloved Blizzard designers love to dance. Apart from that the update gots also, some errors cleaned of the graphics, so the gamplay includes more realistic shadows and materials, the pack of the update it rocks for all the overwatch players,

Special live broadcast on May 24

Finally, Blizzard has invited some contracting friends from Europe to celebrate the first anniversary in style. From 10 until 23:00, among many other prizes were distributed through the live streaming. If you are an Overwatch fan and you are interested, among other things, in download overwatch hacks, follow the link!

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