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Now, with the smart phone you can really have an app for the rule with which you
you can do everything, even keep their cycle under control. In fact, there are numerous
downloadable applications that allow you to keep track of the periods of
or check ovulation and fertility periods, and also serve to stop menstruation.
forgetting to take a pill.

This type of applications are simple, intuitive and, why not, fun, these applications
are also very useful when giving information to your trusted gynecologist. That’s why
we’ve selected 2 of the best apps for the App Store and Google Play recommended rule: take a look at them, try them and then choose the one that suits you best.

All are available in Italian.



My menstrual calendar is a simple and intuitive application and best of all it is that it is
is available free of charge both in the app store and on Google Play:
this application helps you to verify all the details of the menstrual cycle, the ovulation and the
fertile period.

It represents a true personal diary of menstruation and one’s own health:
in addition to indicating the start and end date of the cycle, allows to record:

  • Premenstrual symptoms
  • States of mind, weight
  • Body temperature
  • It also serves to remember to take the pill, another fact that you can write down are the days you have had relationships.

In the Calendar section of the application, you can see the days of the cycle and those of
ovulation, you can also see the periods of greater or lesser fertility.

In the main interface there is a kitten to click to record the start date and
End of cycle, this pet can be replaced in the configuration with a puppy, a
zebra puppy or a bunny or other pet. The theme of the application, by default pink, will be
can change to green or blue. But you must know that the green item is paid for.

If you really care about your privacy, My Menstrual Calendar allows you to set up a
password to access the content of the application, while, if you need to do a
tracking information from different people:

  • You can add multiple accounts.
  • This application also allows you to import data from other applications, another advantage that allows you to import data from other applications.
    allows this application is to create a backup and restore of the application.
  • You can also save all your history by email, Dropbox or Google Drive.


This application is ideal for keeping track of your menstrual period and is located
available in iOS and Android, can be downloaded both in the free version (Lite) and in the
payment version, in this case with some additional features, especially in relation to
with graphics and personalisation.

It is quite simple to use: according to the dates entered the first time, the application will automatically calculate the average duration of the cycles.
to estimate the start date of the next cycle.

  • The way to indicate the first day of your cycle is very simple. All you have to do is
    pressing a button to indicate the onset of menstruation.
  • Â Another type of information that can provide you the application depending on the data entered are the days of ovulation and
  • Another advantage of this application is that it allows you to see graphs and tables to also control the trend of weight, temperature and mood.
  • All you have to do is give the option to add a note in fact, you can record any disturbance both during the Premenstrual Phase and on the days of the cycle, from swelling to acne, from the desire for sweet to salt, through headaches, losses, insomnia.
  • Data can also be exported to send, for example, to your doctor.

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