Astral Chain - What to do with empty cans and where to find them

You are playing Astral Chain, find some empty cans and you have no idea how to use them? This guide is for you.

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What are empty cans for?

  1. Distract enemies during stealth segments
  2. Distract stray cats
  3. Recycle them

There are various things you can do with empty cans in Astral Chain. First, we advise you to always keep a couple in your inventory, as they can be useful in stealth action segments to distract enemies. Just equip one and press X to launch it.

The cans will not only serve to distract the enemies, but also the angry cats: distracting them you can get close to them and add them to the list of your collected cats.

The last thing you can do is recycle them. To do this, it will be enough for you approach a basket and press button A to throw a can, moving it from your inventory to the trash can. You will remove one for each time you press Button A, receiving both G (money) what score at the end of File.

How to find empty cans

You can usually find them scattered around certain areas, but the best place to find them is Harmony Square. You can find quite a few, left on the ground by people.

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