Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle – Review

The anime and manga of Attack on Titan over the years they have enjoyed enormous success, bringing the work of Hajime Isayama to become a cult. Harnessing the wave of success of the series, Tecmo Koei decided to create games inspired by the famous series.

Although the first chapter was not very successful, The second one, thanks to various additions and refined gameplay, it got such a positive feedback that it convinced the development team to create a DLC named ending Battle.

This DLC, in addition to the classic modes featured in A.O.T 2, adds two new modes, a new transformation, new characters and many other content.

For more information on the two standard modes of the title, we refer you to our previous one review, in which we have already dealt with the story mode that made us experience the events of the first two animated series by making us impersonate a cadet, and the alternative dedicated to multiplayer.

That said, the team will have succeeded Koei Tecmo to further enrich their product? Find out with us by reading our review!

A DLC that adds a lot of new features

The expansion ending Battle adds two huge game content, namely, the character fashion and the mode recapture territory.

The first of these two is undoubtedly the most interesting. By selecting it we will be able to relive the adventures of third season of the anime through the eyes of the various protagonists.

Structured in episodes, it presents almost no difference in terms of gameplay compared to the main mode except for what concerns the impossibilityà to use our original character, di not being able explore the city areas and the presence of details restrictions related to some missions.

By completing a chapter we will unlock the next one that will present us, or a new piece of plot, or a new battle of the anime. In addition we will be given bonus items and experience for the character we found ourselves using.

In particular, this mode is further useful for the farming of materials and for the possibility of unlocking, and therefore using, i new characters added with this DLC.

Unfortunately artificial intelligence does not always behave adequately, ending up completely freezing in certain points of the scenario.

Let's take back the Wall Maria!

Talking about the mode recapture territory, this will put us in charge of our own army. At the beginning we will be asked which of the characters we want to be the commander. Once this is done we will have to decide on the name of our army and its banner.

After the initial phase we will find ourselves in our base camp. This part, that remember the story mode classical, is at the same time very different.

We will have to lead our army progressively recover the territories of Wall Waria and as we advance we will get points to expand our military base.

The expansion phase it draws heavily on strategy games and, by spending previously earned points, we will be able to enlarge or build new neighborhoods for our base camp. The latter will also be useful for hire new staff, get more resources and to receive different bonuses based on the assignment of jobs. 

Thanks to this new mode we were able to immediately try the new skill and the new weapons added in Final Battle.

Transformation into a giant and new weapons

Let's start by talking about the new skill that allows us to turn us into giants. This is not a real novelty but an improvement of an already existing skill.

In fact, if first in order to have the transformation into a giant we had to have the character with this transformation as a support, Now it will be possible turn even when we control it. 

To do this you will need to have the ability activated and use a specific support object which, instead of enhancing the character, will transform him into a giant. 

The most interesting addition to Final Battle however, they are the new weapons, including a completely new one and the remaining improved versions of other weapons.

Let's start by talking about guns. By equipping them you can make use of only one grapple, even if this will slow down our movements, but unlike the blades they will inflict extensive damage also in our basic form thanks also to different types of bullets.  

Each bullet has a different effect, such as paralyze, poison, slow or explode on contact. Once understood the functioning of the different bullets you will be able to quickly eliminate, or at least slow down, even the strongest giants. 

Thanks to the guns we will also be able to make use of the first special weapon, that is il gatling, much more powerful version of the guns and capable of eliminating instantly, or in any case in a short time, even special giants. 

Even the classic blades have their own special version, undoubtedly less powerful than that of pistols but much more useful. Calls Thunder Spear, will allow us to easily eliminate entire groups of giants thanks to the huge area damage they will inflict.

They are particularly useful when you need to eliminate a special anomaly. Because of their area damage, we will be able to quickly hit all their weak points and then to eliminate them with another couple of hits.

Technical department

On a technical level, Final Battle, is practically equal to A.O.T 2, also because it is nothing more than a DLC of the original title.

The commands of the new weapons at first they may seem uncomfortable but, once you get used to it, in particular to go to the refueling turret every time we want to change from pistols to blades, they will give a lot of satisfaction.  

Speaking of the sound sector and dubbing, Final Battle has nothing to envy to the animated series.

Final conclusions

The Final Battle expansion only gets better A.O.T 2, the new weapons and the new modes are very accurate, which greatly enriches the gameplay of the title. Thanks to this, Final Battle, more than a DLC sthere is a real new game of the saga.

In addition, whether you are a fan of the series or have never seen it, this title will be able to make you live all the adventures narrated in the first three seasons of the anime and, at the same time, will be able to take you inside the narrative world created by Hajime Isayama.

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