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Pokémon go es la última novedad de Nintendo en Gums Up

Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s Magic Returns

Almost 20 years ago there appeared an animated series in which Ash Ketchum, a young palette village coach, began his journey to be the best coach of Pokémons along with his inseparable Pikachu. Since it appeared in Japan in 1996 and so in Spain since 1999, many video games of Pokémon have been created and that in their day caused really furor. Every Nintendo portable platform has had a few Pokémon games and has undoubtedly become a very important franchise for the great Nippon.

What’s New in Pokémon GO

To tell the truth, all Pokémon games have been updated in graphics and improving their playability towards a more fluid form but really the bases of the game have not been innovated too much. All this has changed recently with Pokémon GO. We are talking about a game that breaks the foundations of everything we had considered normal and, honestly, could not come at the best time. At a time when virtual reality is booming, Nintendo was approached with the idea of implementing the same thing, free of charge and on mobile devices, devices that you can travel with and leave your home and that we always carry around with us. What is the result? The combination of more mobile virtual reality has created a great success and will undoubtedly change the course of the great Nintendo and many games in general, undoubtedly a great start in the mobile world, after its previous success Miitomo, especially in Japan, and has had much impact on both facebook and twitter.

Pokémon go es la última novedad de Nintendo en Gums Up

In Pokémon GO, the player will have to decide which name he identifies with and a pokémon to start with, but importantly, in this game youâ€?ll never have to fight a pokémon to capture it. Some pokémons will be more difficult to capture, others easier; it will depend on whether the circle that surrounds them is red or green but, in short, they have to be searched for, we have to see the world. That’s the big news in this delivery. You are not playing at home, you are not in front of a screen; you are in front of an alternative world to the one we see in reality through the screen of our mobile, an augmented reality. There will not always be the same pokémons everywhere, although you have to keep in mind that there are more than 19 different types of pokémons: depending on which habitat we are in we will find one type or another. For example, if we go to the beach, we will find pokémons that are water type. These pokémons appear thanks to an algorithm in which geographical markers are used to determine which type will be in a particular area.

Poképaradas and gyms in POKEMON GO

Likewise, once we have pokémons, we can have the opportunity to have the power of the gyms. There will be gyms in which we can simply train depending on the color of the team we are: red, blue or yellow. The gyms will be the only places where we will be able to fight with our pokemons. We can evolve them based on some powders but we can also get gifts and things to improve your pokémons based on pokémonedas, the money of the game with which you can buy improvements for your pokémons. To recharge pokeballs that will be spent as you capture pokémons, you can recharge them at certain points in the city, the so-called poképaradas.

Global impact of POKÃMON GO

One of the things to keep in mind for this Pokémon GO is that you need to be permanently connected to the Internet if you want to get new pokémons and want to be notified when a pokémon is nearby. In addition, with the short time it has been in the market is already reaching levels such as Candy Crush. Letâ€?s remember that itâ€?s not available in all countries and that during the first days Nintendoâ€?s servers were down because of the large number of people who had access to the application. As of today, it is one of the applications that gets more connection time between users and with more active users daily. It is also a game that is continually being shared screenshots on facebook, twitter and other social networks.

Pokémon GO un nuevo éxito de Nintendo

The fury with Pokémon GOÂ can increase, not only because it has not yet reached all countries but the application will grow in content. For now, we only have the first generation of pokémons, about 150, but today there are about 700 in the series. We have no doubt that more and more pokémons will be implemented and there will be more variety to compete with.

Pokémon GO has revalued Nintendo

Nintendo has done magic again, has innovated again in the world of video games and how they relate to the human being. Pokémon GO will be a great precedent for what’s to come, but it will certainly come in handy for Nintendo after being camouflaged in the midst of a war between Sony and Microsoft. The hit on the table has been given this time by Nintendo and it will be something that the competition will study unceasingly. The fact that Nintendo shares have gone up by more than 50% and have already won some $10 billion is not something to be taken lightly.

We could ask ourselves many questions such as whether from now on Nintendo will release a new laptop to the market or will remain in mobile devices after the resounding success that has been pokemon GO or if the concept of Nintendo NX will vary following the success of this issue and the case is that we are in a very important year for the big Kyoto. Let�s think that Nintendo has risen drastically on the stock market and that this is its biggest increase since 1983: the company hasn�t had such a big success in a long time and this can change a lot about the future of the company.

Nintendo means innovation and a different product or game than the one we’re used to. Nintendo is not about graphic power for a long time but about playability and fun and has demonstrated it with other great Nintendo consoles such as Wii, a console that brought video games closer to a more familiar and conventional audience at the same time as Nintendo DS, with a huge catalogue and that was the leap to touch screens in the deepest video games. This time with Pokemon GO, a single application but never seen before, an application that does not surprise by its raw power but by an approximation, once again, of the video game to real life.

The game is totally free but if you want to get according to which objects to improve your pokémons, you will need pokemonedas that are bought with real money. In this case Gums Up offers you the possibility to get free pokemonedas.

Comparación de los dos principales juegos de futbol

Comparison of weight 17 and fifa 17

Battle of Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa

The new titles of the most awaited sports sagas in videogames have already been released and this time they come with quite remarkable novelties. The main doubt that concerns us is whether it is more worth a video game or another, the eternal rivalry between lovers of Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa and is that we have to bear in mind that they offer different gameplay and that we are dealing with video games, although with the same theme, with different approaches.

Comparación de los dos principales juegos de futbol

In Spain we could say that it had always been Pro territory. Moreover, for many players the best memories come from a Pro Evolution Soccer 2006, but since the saga left the second Playstation was decaying among players and is that the reign in Spain began Fifa.

Licenses of the sagas

One thing to emphasise and which can be seen at a glance are the licences for the fields and the equipment. We have to take into account that Fifa has the licenses of the main teams of the world that play in the premiere league, series A or the League, while in PES it has been possible to recreate, by means of an agreement, faithfully the field of FC Barcelona and its players, being its main claim given the realism of their faces. Also point out that it has the license of the UEFA Champions League and others such as the Argentine League.

New graphics engine at Fifa

The novelties of this Fifa 17 this year will be above all the change of graphic engine: we move to Frostbite, a graphic engine very well received by the community and that will increase the realism of the look of the players, plus for the first time we will have a history mode in which we will be a boy who wants to be a star of the English league. In addition, we will continue to have the Ultimate Team where we can compete in tournaments with the creation of our own templates. In the section of movements and animations each player will be endowed with more personality.

Improved PES

PES 17, against him, it is true that he uses the same graphic engine that they already had with PES 16, but this time improved and it is that the level of realism of the faces is very noticeable; in that aspect we could say that it surpasses Fifa, although only a little. We also have the legendary mode similar to “The Way” that we already had accustomed to, in addition to the Master League mode in manage mode, this time more agile.

Artificial intelligence

Something that must be pointed out and that happens in these two installments is the deficiency in some cases of artificial intelligence and, although it can be said that Fifa has improved the movement of the characters that we do not control and that we “read” the plays that we are going to make and that PES has improved the aerial game by auctions and the intelligence of the goalkeepers, we must comment that we are still in a section to improve in future editions.

Conclusions of the battle

As a conclusion we could say that the battle, this year, after consecutive ones, is won again by Fifa 17 for the realism of the new graphic engine and its licenses. Pro Evolution Soccer 17 has improved again and is closer to its main competitor but EA has had more budget. Even so, it has improved in all aspects over the past year and if you want a lighter and more arcade gaming experience, it is certainly a highly recommended video game. However, as a game in its entirety valuing each of the different points that comprise it, Fifa has won again.

Ruleta de la fortuna

The roulette wheel of luck

The roulette of luck in Spain

It seems like a lie that almost 30 years have passed since the beginning of a program called “La roulette de la suerte” on Spanish television, a program that came long before, in 1975, from the American television called “Wheel of fortune” or Roulette de la fortuna, a format that was very successful in the country of the cradle of the game and that undoubtedly laid the foundations for the program that began broadcasting in Spain in 1990 on antenna 3. We could say that in Spain there are two periods, a first and second stage that would constitute the 90â€?s (both in antenna 3 and telecinco) as well as a second period that has been going on since 2006, that is, about 10 years of broadcasting.

Fortune roulette concept

The program is based, a priori, on a very simple but fun concept and from which many different phases can be made. One of the big reasons why it has continued on the small screen is that it has been updated as time has gone by. Fortune roulette is a contest in which a phrase or words are presented to the contestants and they have to guess by consonants the whole phrase. Each time you hit a consonant, you win a series of points that can be exchanged for vowels to facilitate the contestants the total resolution of the phrase.

Ruleta de la fortuna

Game mechanics

One of the novelties, and that is why the program of antenna 3 is named, is that the contestants each time they want to say a consonant will have to spin a roulette, the roulette of luck, consisting of segments that can bring you both good and bad luck. If an economic figure appears in the roulette, then you have had good luck and the contestant will be able to say a consonant. If the consonant is in the phrase, the number of times it appears will be multiplied by the number you touched on the roulette wheel. Just as you can get good fortune you can also have the bad luck of falling into a panel of bad luck as in the case of bankruptcy which will leave the contestant at zero points and he will take his turn.

All the points that are accumulated by the contestant, and if he resolves the sentence, will automatically become a prize in the form of money. All those who have not solved that phrase will have lost it. Only those contestants with a higher amount of money will be able to move on to the last and hardest phase. A last phase which, despite the updates, is based, broadly speaking, on the fact that a series of consonants and vowels have to be said before seeing the phrase and then getting by with the letters that have been correct to solve the phrase.

Roulette open to the public

We could say that this is one of the longest-running programmes on television as it is not easy to get a daily audience so large as to bet on a programme that has been broadcasting non-stop for 10 years. In addition, it is a program open to the public and in which you can attend without problems. Here we will tell you how you can request information for program assistance. To participate in the roulette of luck you have to contact in the information section with the television channel that is now Antena 3 (only in the mid 90s was Telecinco but now returned to be a program broadcast by the channel Atresmedia).

How do I contact you to participate?

To contact the television network we recommend that you go to the website, where you will find all the information and details to participate. You have to go to the section where it says “Do you want to participate in the roulette?” and there you will be given to fill out a form in which you will have to add your name and surname, email, telephone, town and age. Once you have submitted the form, the Roulette de la fortune team will contact you and explain the steps you must follow to be part of the program for a day.

Free Online Games

If we say that the roulette wheel of luck was the first entertainment program broadcast by a private television in Spain, we can also say that today, if you want entertainment, you do not need much more than an Internet connection: we have everything at our fingertips. We can find games like the roulette wheel of luck and most varied online and for free and you can even emulate video games that once seemed impossible to play on any device other than that console. Free online games are a reality today and there is nothing more to see as some of the biggest companies offer freemium games, meaning that the game itself comes to you free; now, if you want all the content you can offer, you have to pay.

If in any case you have to pay, we have many ways to get free online games and not only through hacks and programs that do not give you too much confidence, but with websites and other applications that offer you the ability to get points and then redeem these points in very different purchase options such as getting money, prepaid cards or even games, movies and free music. You’re not doing anything illegal; you’re actually buying it, only that you get it for free by getting a certain number of points.

Application to win free online games

If we had to talk about an application that allows you to get these free online games either roulette type luck or many others and that works really well, we could not fail to name Gums Up, an app in which you can get these free games by doing actions such as answering surveys, apps and being active in the community to get some points called “Gums” that can be redeemed for different types of free prizes mentioned above. It is easy, simple and intuitive, does not require much time and you can get any free online game without much effort, legally and without any danger.

Information about the xbox one ban

The Ban of Xbox One, in this article below you will receive the most extensive and sensitive information about the Ban that xbox has received that you will find on the Internet, either in games or youtube channels. So we’ll tell what’s going on, with facts and thoughts on the Ban Xbox One, at the sight of people who understand about all kinds of digital games and know what they’re talking about, unlike websites and YouTube that are parrots and just repeat things without knowing what they’re talking about.The purpose of this article is to clarify and inform that thousands of users of the Xbox One console, what happens, what is rumor, take reflections and also talks more about Xbox One games without connection, magic game accounts, shared, etc…

In September 2015 began this story of the ban of Xbox One, rumors spread quickly over the Internet. And from there, thousands of exile experts and parrots began to appear repeating the same things on youtube channels and games, people repeating the same thing without even knowing how to operate the digital games or what they were talking about. But before we talk about the Xbox ban, let’s clarify some things about offline digital media games for xbox, which according to internet experts, is the main reason for the ban on Xbox One today.

What is an offline xbox one game?

It is nothing more than a normal, digital game, with the same game content on disk, the only difference is that with the xbox offline, you play through the game offline from the internet. In detail, the main point of an account, play offline too, she doesn’t even need internet to start the game on xbox one as the main console. But this is another thing, it was simply to say that this to play offline too. Returning to offline jobs (without space), game as follows, first your Xbox has to be connected to the internet. And the moment you enter the game, what happens is simply an online validation that the game has, which is the license of that game to play on your Xbox One after that it is validated and sent to Microsoft data. The Internet’s only good for that now. Check out this post to see how to get free xbox gift cards.

Once the game start screen appears, you can put the Xbox One offline.

And to put the console without connection?

Simply because if you are logged in and playing, when someone logs into the game account to play, they will log out of the account and leave the game. When you put the console offline, you are still playing the game even if someone else would like to play.

Games offline xbox

For those who don’t know, the offline xbox games that are sold are shared by more people, so they can sell cheaper. The number of people, will depend on each place, there can always be 10, 15, 20 or 30 people. Look at the price of the game sold and you can get an idea of how many people can use the same account, connect to the internet, enter the game only to validate it and put the console offline to play and not be overthrown when another person in account.

So before going on to say that games can be played offline, taking advantage of flaws in the console or xbox one or other stupid things, experts on the prohibition of the Xbox should understand and know what they are talking about, and not go on repeating what they say out there without knowing well about the subject exposed.  Here we are showing how the game works without connection, which is how to use this type of game, we do not go to the question of whether or not it is correct use of these games or marketing the same.  And to you who reads this article, you will understand and use critical sense to evaluate what you read.

Gift card xbox

The use of off-line games is incorrect. We are not going to get into the merits of having and playing games offline, quantities and selling prices sold every store/eBay, let’s say about what it is, how it works and how you can use an offline game. For those who use the game offline is incorrect, I’ll give you a real example of using a game offline from Xbox. Share the same account with a friend, we buy the game on that account and each gets one of the 2 slots, the primary account and primary (secondary). In case I have the primary wave (which some call the secondary), then only if I start inside the game, I will be connected. Every time I go to a place that doesn’t have internet and take the Xbox One, I have a problem playing this game for that account that I share with my friend.

How am I using the primary (secondary) need, the internet and how can I not have internet at the place of the game?

When you enter the advantage of the offline xbox game, I connect to my phone data network (via wi-fi, cellular phone that works like a router) on the xbox one, just to start the game, ie only to Microsoft validate and send the information over the network where it has to go. After the game start screen appeared, I put the console without connection and it is not necessary to pass the internet data from my phone. There I can play offline the game on my xbox, quietly, no problem.

Buy xbox cards

Some say that doing this trick with a friend is wrong. Others will say that if you have paid, you can do whatever you want with the game and with the account, sell, lend, rent, give, anything, the game was bought and is yours. Microsoft has let this function perform for years, since the xbox 360 and was improved on the xbox one. Whether you buy a movie, a car, a house or a console, if you have paid for it, you have the right to do whatever you want with it (of course, in common sense). There are many people who use xbox one games in the rental of video games.

Getting resources in Pou

If you are interested in how to get through infinite money, we are once again focusing on tricks of the most popular games on Android, such as The Sims, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga and many others, now it’s the turn of The most addictive game “Pou”.

Today we will see how you can obtain in Pou all the resources free, using hacks, with these tools we will receive all the resources that we need that will allow us to enjoy even more of the game and its content.

Pou cheats and hacks for version 1.3.10

For those who are unfamiliar, it must be said that Pou is the new reincarnation of the Tamagochi, and of course everyone has indisputably seen at the time that it was nothing more than a small virtual pet which has to be taken care of and maintained .

In this new evolution of the game, Pou is a very pleasant place where your character needs constant attention and play through the fantastic mini-games that at the same time allow to obtain new objects that are released slowly and allow greater longevity to your character of one Extraordinary way.

Even Pou still having the great popularity it has, is a free game to download, so it is a product completely free, but in order to achieve improvements have to spend cash and very often the money that is present in the Gameplay is never enough.

To make life easier once more, we are here today to show you how you can get a multitude of Pou coins, so you only need to take care of your little pet, no longer care economize to buy more and more expensive objects.
All you have to do is follow our easy process on the updated game to version 1.4.57:

  • Delete the game Pou that you have already installed.
  • Download the modified application and move it to your mobile.
  • Install apk.
  • Start the game and you will see that you already have a lot of money to enjoy the game.
  • Recall that the game is completely in English and the small price to pay is the loss of progress, but with all this money will have no problem to make even more progress than in the previous game.

As usual in Gumsup we are here for any questions and to answer any questions. If you still have questions, you can consult how to get hacks in Pou.

The latest version and global information about Plague Inc

The latest version of Plague Inc is now ready for Android and in direct download. Let’s explain how you can download and install Plaga Inc version 1.13.4 game on your android device. This is one of the most interesting and curious games of simulation for Android that you can play.

Plague Inc Reviews

Opinions about Plague Inc, you can examine them in the reviews of the Google Play store, its average is 4 stars, given by the general users who have tried the application an average more than certainly acceptable. Seeing that the maximum rating is 5 stars. This application was developed by, if you want to see more information you can visit the author’s website which is This application is within the simulation category. Plague Inc, supports and supports devices with Android 4.0 and higher.

Introducing the player to Plague Inc

This game starts from the actions of a virus, which the description of virus could be the following “Infectious particles that propagate out of the cells by transferring these”. In the main menu Plague Inc decides for a type of illness, at first they are just the bacteria to choose from, but by winning the different types of game you can start playing with biological weapons. Once you have chosen the virus you have to choose the country where you are going to build it.

Of course, you can choose and choose and start a country. In order to win, however, it is reached first if one of the following elimination process is chosen. Everyone knows that viruses need transport routes in order to spread to other countries. On the map all airports and seaports are very important points but you must choose one. Large countries like England and Germany may appear to be lucrative, high population and adequate access routes. This means, however, that such wealthy nations also have a very good medical team. Therefore, it is important to choose a country that is a good medium among all these conditions. Ideally, for example, Egypt. It is now included in the game report that the virus begins to spread. These messages are your guide to the rest of the game along with a news bar at the top of the screen.

Objectives of Plague Inc

The goal now is to spread the virus and eradicate the human species before a cure comes out. As the virus grows exponentially, the points to obtain are DNA to be able to develop new infections, it represents the “currency” in the game and you can use the screen to update the evolution of your disease in advance. The improvements are divided into three stages: transmission, symptoms and resistance as resistance to cold or heat required by the course of advancement even in the warmer regions, or colder. For symptoms such as cough, insomnia or (later) unlockable or extreme health effects such as pulmonary fibrosis should be foregone at first, not to attract attention.

The most correct advice for Plague Inc could be to not stand out in order to progress progressively without problems. By making the virus carefully a symptom and the victims go to the doctor (everything that happens will be reported in the news bar), researchers are working on a cure. You now have two options: either adhere to your DNA points on the symptoms to actively eradicate research-based countries (research exists because of the risk, in turn, inevitably accelerated) or adhere points to skills Specials to freeze the temporary investigation or Reversed do. In any case if you want to have more information about hack plague Inc visit the link that we leave here.

The last anniversary update of Overwatch

On May 23 there was the last update of Overwatch, well this was the start date of the new Overwatch event, even if the information has already disappeared from the official page can continue to play, at 17:00 European time began this event , To run the event apparently until June 13 at 9:00 AM.

This is the original message of the new Overwatch update

Starting May 23, 2017, we will begin the Overwatch birthday celebration. Overwatch celebrates its first anniversary of age. Little by little, the game company “Blizzard” announced more and more cuts in the big event. So you know what to expect in the coming days and weeks when we had to create what belongs to the same group.
New heroes (and those who want to be) able to take their chance at the weekend from May 26 to 30 of 2017a These days they are allowed to overwatch and the 24 heroes and 14 maps to play for free, to attend Birthday event, level up and get Lootboxen. All pertinent information about the major weekend test has been summarized in this article.

New Arena maps, skins and emoticons for your heroes

As part of the anniversary, the arena will open for all! This also brings three new maps for Overwatch, where each play on the Dorado, Oak Forest and Anubis Temple cards – all three maps are adjusted to reflect the new Arena mode. Especially Blizzard has published a short presentation video that you can consult on their website.

Other visual delights contributed in this update are those of the dances and skins that enter as extra added in the game with the anniversary. So far we know that Zarya, Soldier: 76, Bastion and Pharah will get a new image. Undoubtedly, the preview of the new skins of this Overwatch Anniversary has generated much stir. In addition, Blizzard has confirmed on Instagram that our favorite heroes can dance! Our beloved Blizzard designers love to dance.

Apart from that the update gots also, some errors cleaned of the graphics, so the gamplay includes more realistic shadows and materials, the pack of the update it rocks for all the overwatch players,

Special live broadcast on May 24

Finally, Blizzard has invited some contracting friends from Europe to celebrate the first anniversary in style. From 10 until 23:00, among many other prizes were distributed through the live streaming. If you are an Overwatch fan and you are interested, among other things, in download overwatch hacks, follow the link!

New update of Worms W.M.D

Worms W.M.D

The most recent content update of “Worms W.M.D” is great and brings among other interesting new content to play as is the case of the new “strong” gameplay that will certainly make people enjoy much more in the game.

The game based on the round strategy of “Worms W.M.D” has now received a new update, which is ready for the “PC”, “Mac” and “Linux” platforms. For “PlayStation 4” and “Xbox One” is still working on the update that will come in brief for all these fans of the saga of Worms. In addition to small changes and adjustments the stronger and more succulent change is the “strong” mode that is where the focus of this new update is based.

As its name indicates, these are strengths that must be defended. This mode is that you and your teammates team have to take the strength of the opposing enemy selected, and obviously also in the opposite case you have to defend your fort from the enemy team. If opportunity arises, you can infiltrate the fortress of your enemy. There are a total of six new forts for the mode available, which are:

  • El Castillo complications
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  • The Reactor
  • The Tormented Fort
  • The Fort of the Pink Hazard
  • The rocket

Once again, in Worms what is going to make you win games is the tactic with which you proceed to defeat the enemy. Working together with your team you will be able to ascend on the road to victory against the enemy and thus to emerge victorious from the battle.

In addition, a new weapon is added with the update. It is the “magnetized buzz”. This was designed by a member of the community and now implemented in the game. You may have to find your best or worst in the fight itself. Searching the Internet you can see in small screenshots you can get the first impressions of the players in the new mode.

On the other hand if you want to know about old versions of worms, how to install them, where to find the corresponding hacks, how to install worms pc, and more, I recommend that you visit the link that we leave so that any doubt you have about worms is solved, This magnificent immortal saga we know requires information for all those who want to continue enjoying it so do not wait any longer to enjoy this classic among the classics.

The Minecraft online market

Minecraft begins its new project the market of creations for players. Minecraft begins its sales block: in a market new players should now be able to make their designs in exchange for money. Obviously the transactions will be commissioned by Microsoft.

Minecraft players can now purchase in-game blocks from other people. Microsoft expanded the popular game to a place called Store Market and also presents its own game currency.

Players may be able to make in the market, their own creations to be able to make money easily. At first, according to Microsoft and most famous Mine Crafter projects like Blockworks, Nocrew or image verses are available. Facilities include adventure maps, texture packs or mini games. Who wants to sell content of own production, must in first member of Minecraft to the program of partners. Who wants to go shopping in the minecraft market, needs an Xbox Live account.

The new feature was released in the spring for the pocket version on Android and IOS according to the company as well as for Windows 10 will continue to work on other platforms. In mid-April there was a public beta phase with the Android version of “Minecraft: Pocket Edition”, mainly to test the new minecraft coin coin game.

All things that appear in the Minecraft market must be bought with real money that is then exchanged for fictitious coins of the game itself. Prices of coins vary according to Microsoft in the format of the following stacks 1.99 euros for 300, 4.99 euros for 840 and 9.99 euros for 1720 coins. How many of these coins are needed for the creations in the market? Developers have yet to decide. Microsoft provides images on sample rates of 200 coins per object.

The ability to download and install the Minecraft content off the market will be maintained, according to Microsoft. The new feature is an additional offer. You should also reduce the risk of infection with malware by installing third-party content. If you want more information about how to get free coins in minecraft follow the post of the link.