Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Review

Almost a year after the release on the other main gaming platforms on the market, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Turn-based strategic RPG with a very particular design developed by Airship Syndicate and distributed by THQ Nordic, get up Nintendo Switch, ready to give the best of itself given the hybrid nature of the console. It is precisely this that makes everything more interesting, having a role-playing game that we can play when we want and wherever we want, having in our hands a title optimized for the occasion and ready to give us several hours of fun.

Will the title be able to carve out its space in this competitive videogame landscape?

The mysterious presence of Mana on a remote island

The events revolve around our group made up of five extraordinary individuals: Garrison, a skilled swordsman, Calibretto, a very particular war golem with surprising intelligence, Red Monica, an unscrupulous pirate thief with great charm, Knolan, a wise elder with great magical skills and finally Gully, a young girl with special magical gloves given to him by her father.

During the flight with the ship towards the exploration of a mysterious island, where it is thought there may be the presence of Mana, they are attacked by an immense enemy fleet, forcing them to an emergency landing, initially separating in search of safety. From here will start their adventure in this mysterious land, dominated by the terror of the priestess Right, a very dangerous threat to their survival and beyond.

A structure already seen, but interesting

Like any good RPG self-respecting, we have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area, but with interesting features. First of all we have a view from above, in the world map, with the realizations of the protagonists in a more stylized way, almost similar to small gifs and we will be limited in the movements by predefined paths, in which we will choose the one most congenial to us. Each square that we reach can be empty, or contain an event that is negative or positive for us: in the first case we will have enemies, of different entities, ready to wait for us, while the second is mostly represented by treasures. To all this we add the presence of portals, able to quickly transport us to the others activated in the map, in addition to dungeon, sometimes secondary to be completed, other times necessary for the continuation towards the designated goal.

In case we face a clash with enemies, we will have a fairly full-bodied loading that will catapult us into a pseudo 3D screen with our party and the opponents on duty, thus starting the clash, which we will talk about more later. Instead, inside the dungeons we will see a further change of the camera and exploration mode, moving to a closer isometric view and above all a total freedom of movement, accompanied by the possibility of changing active characters, in addition to using his skills. The latter are of various types and can significantly help us in survival, such as cures for the party, or the possibility of taking shots, essential for solving some "puzzles", even if it is objectively exaggerated to define them as such.

The rest of the structure is basically seen and revised, but for this damn solid, with the craft for the construction of potions, the finding of the paraphernalia via NPC or loot for the map, assignment of skill points in the way we prefer and so on. In short, everything necessary to allow us a complete adventure and management of our party to our liking, always choosing which of the five protagonists to actively bring with us, for a group of up to three elements.

A solid and proven gameplay

As mentioned above, Battle Chasers is dedicated to "Old, but Gold", Where many mechanics and the structure in general has been tested by decades of development of the cornerstones of the RPG genre, in this the Battle System is no exception. We have the much loved and hated turns, where the speed of the characters makes the difference on when to attack, as well as on how much, since the very fast ones could hit several times before the opponent's response.

Specifically, we have attacks of a physical nature, without the use of mana or overload, which we will deepen in a little while and the skills, which instead exploit them, having particular results at the expense of loading speed. To these is added the Ultra attack, which can be loaded during the fight depending on the shots taken and given, allowing one of the characters of our choice to hurl a special ability with a sure positive effect for us, whether it is a buff, or directly a direct attack on the enemy.

Let's go back a step and talk about overload. The abilities can be used by spending mana, or these particular points, which are generated only in combat and only in that itself, without carrying them on during the following ones. It is possible to obtain them only by hitting the enemies with the basic attacks and they represent a very useful method, as well as interesting, to optimize the use of mana for the course of the most difficult dungeons.

To everything we have mentioned so far, we add the presence of buffs and de-buffs, as well as the presence of shields to absorb the damage. In short, to all intents and purposes we are facing the classic of RPGs, which is not a bad thing, indeed, it was a long time since we had our hands on a title of this type.

Particular and captivating design

The style of this work has always been considered very particular and observing it for several hours on our branded screen Nintendo, where the colors are highlighted more, we were very satisfied, staying several minutes at each session to observe what were the surrounding settings, in addition to the design of the sprites. Everything is treated in detail, unique and above all interesting, prompting the gamer to open the screen of an object to see what effect it has, precisely because it is intrigued by its design. Even here, however, we have something to say, especially for the spasmodic reuse of those dedicated to equipment; practically reproposed in series, by way of attack of the clones, with the only difference of rarity, represented by the background of the square.

Another discordant note that we encountered during the continuation of our adventure is certainly the frame rate, not always up to par during the free exploration phase, which accompanied by epochal uploads for each fight, especially the first of each session, can significantly damage the gaming experience, especially for gamers who prefer fluidity and immediacy of action.

Regarding the sound, on the other hand, nothing to complain about, we liked all the tracks that the developers proposed to us, from those of explorations, to fighting, all well done and satisfying.

In conclusion

We have come to the end of this analysis on the very good Battle Chasers: Nightwar, which certainly manages to have its say in this "new" guise, landing on a console like Nintendo Switch, full of interesting ideas and ready to marry the nature of the title. For the entire duration of the adventure, equal to about thirty hours, we enjoyed ourselves abundantly, breathing what is the essence of turn-based role-playing, mechanics so appreciated by purists of the genre, together with a truly particular and captivating design.

So, for us it is absolutely promoted and it could be a very good purchase for all owners of the Nintendo home console, it will be able to entertain you at its best!


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