Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s Magic Returns

Pokémon go es la última novedad de Nintendo en Gums Up

Almost 20 years ago there appeared an animated series in which Ash Ketchum, a young palette village coach, began his journey to be the best coach of Pokémons along with his inseparable Pikachu. Since it appeared in Japan in 1996 and so in Spain since 1999, many video games of Pokémon have been created and

Comparison of weight 17 and fifa 17

Comparación de los dos principales juegos de futbol

Battle of Pro Evolution Soccer and FifaMenu1 Battle of Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa1.1 Licenses of the sagas 1.2 New graphics engine at Fifa 1.3 Improved PES1.3.1 Artificial intelligence 1.4 Conclusions of the battle The new titles of the most awaited sports sagas in videogames have already been released and this time they come with

The roulette wheel of luck

Ruleta de la fortuna

The roulette of luck in Spain Menu1 The roulette of luck in Spain 1.1 Fortune roulette concept 1.1.1 Game mechanics 1.2 Roulette open to the public 1.2.1 How do I contact you to participate? 1.3 Free Online Games 1.3.1 Application to win free online games It seems like a lie that almost 30 years have

Information about the xbox one ban

The Ban of Xbox One, in this article below you will receive the most extensive and sensitive information about the Ban that xbox has received that you will find on the Internet, either in games or youtube channels. So we’ll tell what’s going on, with facts and thoughts on the Ban Xbox One, at the

Getting resources in Pou

If you are interested in how to get through infinite money, we are once again focusing on tricks of the most popular games on Android, such as The Sims, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga and many others, now it’s the turn of The most addictive game “Pou”. Today we will see how you can obtain

The latest version and global information about Plague Inc

The latest version of Plague Inc is now ready for Android and in direct download. Let’s explain how you can download and install Plaga Inc version 1.13.4 game on your android device. This is one of the most interesting and curious games of simulation for Android that you can play. Plague Inc ReviewsMenu1 Plague Inc