Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Guide, Tips and Tricks

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has finally come to us on June 18 2019 on different platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows, albeit for the 25 of the same month a version for Nintendo Switch is planned.

This new gothic themed side scrolling game is proving to be as tough as it was promised.

Precisely for this reason we have created this guide with 7 tips and tricks, with the intention of helping you with some problems like the dopium jump, swim underwaterdwhere to find the 8-bit Coins and more.

Title plot

You sei Miriam, our young heroine, who awoke from her slumber to find those demons who plagued the world after Jebel he has abandoned his humanity in search of something greater.

Both were the subject of horrific experiments, which means that they manage to wield this enormous power due to the magi-crystals. Miriam can find these crystals in the form of Shards and he will be able to learn new powers, as well as he will be able to find and create new weapons over time.

As it is a style game Metroidvania, Bloodstained it can be frustratingly difficult, and items can easily be missed if you're not sure what you're doing.

Guide to the main features

1. Double jump

If you hold the jump button you will notice that the character will jump a little higher, this will allow you to reach higher platforms and break some Lanterns, however some areas of the map will not be accessible until certain abilities have been unlocked.

Il Double Jump is one of those skills you can learn after collecting a certain number of Shards. 

To obtain the Double Jump you will have to defeat Andrealphus which can be found later in the level Ex Machine Book. To kill him you will need a blunt or pointed weapon, we recommend that you use weapons or skills that do electrical damage.

Once you get the shard and the new ability of the Double Jump go back to the previous areas to look for the missing treasures.

2. How to drain the Blood Fountain

You have surely already seen the Blood Fountain and you already know you can swim under it, but how can you empty it? First of all you will have to beat the Boss in the Underground Sorcery Lab to take the Reflector Ray. Go through the train station to find this area.

After that, head to the Dian Cecht Cathedralat the top of the map. Here you will find a boss waiting for you who will be weak at the Luce and cut damage. Once defeated you will find the Blood Steal Shard which will allow you to drain the fountain.

3. How to swim underwater and open chests

It wouldn't really be a metroidvania without an underwater level that tests our nerves. To swim you will need theAqua Stream Shard which you can find by killing the demon found in the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

There will be many chests deeper but you won't be able to reach them until you unlock the ability of Deep Sink. Luckily for you there is one Deep Sinker shard in The Hidden Desert. The latter will grant you the ability to dive deeper and get to the desired loot.

Once the Boss of the The Hidden Desert, take the elevator and look for a large one shard white. Once used underwater you will be able to get to open the chests as if you were on land.

4. 8-bit Coins

In case you didn't know, the 8-bit coins, they can be used to forge powerful weapons, however they will be hard to find. The best way to get them would be to buy them from the shop for 4000G the one, but in the long run and above all with the 16-bit e 32-bit coins, that allow you to make even better weapons, the costs will increase a lot.

To find your first Coin you have to go to the entrance of the castle ad Arvantille, go down under the drawbridge and, once in the area, continue to the left until you meet a dead end. Once there, just hit the wall, continue and you will find a chest inside which there will be your first Coin.

Later in the game there will be an area with a building that will wobble when we are on the roof, if we stay there for a while we will fall and to our right there will be the second one. 8-bit Coin.

5. Silver Bromide

La Silver Bromide can be found in the area of Ex Book Machine, near where you get the double jump skill. Defeat the twin bosses and go down the hole created. There you will find a golden chest inside which will be the Silver Bromide.

6. Bovine Plume

Il Bovine Plume can be used to improve the skills of Double Jump e Reflector Ray with the help of John which will be found in the village. According to the number of Shards of which you are in possession, and to the number of times that you are empowered thanks John, you can improve the Grado and Rank skills.

To obtain the Bovine Plume you will have to defeat Haagenti in 'Oriental Society Lab. Once he is killed you can go back to his room and kill him again until he leaves the item there.

7. Encrypted Orchid

THEEncrypted Orchid  is a sword created thanks to 8-bit Coins which has a cryptic description that essentially says, "A lightsaber with immense power," so equip it and have fun slicing through enemies without difficulty.

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