The boom of gift cards

Gift cards have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. It is becoming rarer to go to a large shopping area and not to find a shelf with discount cards for any type of shop, either physical or online. The truth is that they are a very helpful resource when you don't know what to give, or if you want to make an original gift, and they are easy to get and use. For this reason it is no exaggeration to speak of the golden age of gift cards. The boom of gift cards To get prepaid cards for international calls from Spain is not hard. As we have said before, you simply need to go to the nearest mall to find shops that offer these cards. You can also buy online gift cards, in the online stores, as well as in many others which  offer us the possibility to buy them. The other option to get gift cards is to earn them. To pay with gift cards is very common on the internet. Gift cards are the end of returned gifts with no doubt. 

Get gift cards

Without a doubt, the best way to take a google play gift card for free is through apps like Gums Up, that offer us the cards as a reward of the Play Store, App Store, Amazon, Play Station or Xbox. If you want to get all these google gift cards, the first thing you should do is to install on your smartphone or tablet the application of Gums Up and open an account in it.

Earn free gift cards

Now you can start to earn points, which are known here as Gums. You will see that there is a tab where it says "WINS gums", so you click there and you start testing different applications, filling out surveys, watching trailers or inviting friends to win gums. More gums you have, better the reward you can get and the gift card will have more value. If you do not want these specific cards, you can also request the reward in money from PayPal and use it to buy the gift card you want.

How to use gift cards

There are several ways to use gift cards. For example, in physical stores, it is enough to give the card to pay and they deduct the appropriate balance to us or they will make us a discount for the value of the card in the ticket. If you purchase online, the most usual is to appear the option of payment by gift card, entering the code of the card. A special case is the gift card of Google Play. You can not use them directly at the time of purchasing, but when you have the card you must redeem the points balance in your account that will be used to pay. Yes, you can not earn over 2,000 euros of balance.     

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