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Many times we feel disappointed when we go to our application supplier, and we find that we have to pay for the app we were looking for. So we get the million dollar question: is there any way to get it for free? The answer is obvious: of course it can be downloaded for free! Moreover, there are several ways to get a free app payment, some easier, some more dangerous for our smartphone or tablet... The best thing to do is to use Gums to get for free payment applications, yes, download paid applications for free.

Get paid apps for free

Gums Up is one of those applications which pay us only for using it. It is available for Android and iOS, and to download it and register has no cost. Once downloaded, you can see the option to "Win Gums", where there's a list of different actions you can complete to earn Gums, which you will exchange for rewards like  Google Play or App Store gift cards, or PayPal money to buy any app or product of the main online stores.

To get paid app for free is the present and the future wish of all. Among the things you can do to win Gums, there is the option of test an app, meeting the application requirements listed in the description -very simple-. You can also watch videos, answer surveys or invite friends.

Once you have enough Gums, go to the section "Gifts" and redeem the points for the reward most interesting for you. In addition to these awards that you get for free, you can also take gift cards of the Amazon store, PSN, Xbox Live, Steam cards, etc.

Android paid apps for free

Gums Up is the best way to download Android applications. Anyway, there are different ways to do the same: one of the most famous is to root your mobile, by modifying the operating system, but the problem is that you run the risk of losing the warranty. You can also download interesting apps to the PC in .apk format (which uses Android) and then to pass them to the mobile or tablet with USB cable. You will need another app to manage the files and to install them, so it's not the most comfortable way.

For more information, follow our tips to download applications.

iTunes paid apps for free

If Android can root the device, for the iPad or iPhone you can do a jailbreak to get free payment apps . Beyond Gums Up you can also download free iPhone apps, without jailbreak, thanks to applications that everyday offer free payment apps . The big problem with this method, which can also be used in Android, is that you can not choose the free application, which is free only for 24 hours, and many times it takes some space of your phone and it is not really practical.       

Do you want to know more about the Gumsup Universe? At we want to give you the best information regarding guides, tricks, secrets, free gift cards and how to earn money online. Are you ready to have the best current information to get to know a world without limits? Enter now to enjoy your favourite video game or software to the fullest!
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