Cat Quest 2 – Review

The fight between cats and dogs: an eternal battle that we often see every day in our homes.

Is it really possible to avoid all these conflicts? The Gentlebros found an answer in Cat Quest 2!

In the first chapter of the saga, released in 2017 on all current devices and consoles, we decided to go on a "cat-like" adventure in search of our kidnapped sister, crossing the whole feline kingdom and defeating increasingly fierce enemies.

In this new chapter that we tried on Steam we will be accompanied, listen, listen, from a dog! The game plot revolves around two fallen heroes, respectively cat and dog, who after a deep sleep will return to save the feline and canine kingdom.

Will our heroes be able to exhume the legendary Sword of the King and restore peace between the two kingdoms?

Introduction to the title

As discussed above, in Cat Quest 2 we will take on the role of a dog and a cat who will attempt to save their respective kingdoms from an evil threat.

This adventure will be exactly like the first Cat Quest, that is, in full style Two-dimensional RPG, where we will make our way through dungeons, enemies and other specialties typical of an RPG.

The first chapter of the saga got some acknowledgments of merit and was really very well acclaimed by critics, being simple but really captivating and fun, getting extremely positive ratings from the Steam community.

An added value is given to the fact that the title has been made available for Smartphone, PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, giving it a universal notoriety by all indie communities.

Let's talk now about the gameplay of the new title and the adventure it offers: will it have kept the simple but effective expectations of the first chapter?

The beginning of our adventure!

As previously told, the adventure begins with our two animal protagonists, who will fight a threat thanks to the power of the famous Sword of the King.

The gameplay of Cat Quest 2, just like its predecessor, is really very simple and intuitive.

We are given the ability to attack, dodge and use different types of spells or abilities at our discretion in a style that closely resembles a Minimal Hack & Slash.

As in a self-respecting RPG we will have an inventory containing equipment and skills, which compared to the previous chapter has a slightly nicer design and allows, since there are now two characters, to decide who to assign skills or equipment to.

Inventory example as shown in the title

As you can see, the inventory is very minimal, with slots containing different types of items or abilities that can be equipped at will.

The gameplay, now having two characters available, changes slightly but for the better; having two characters we can interchange them as we wish in case of a single player game, or manage them independently in case we decide to play with a friend.

The fact that there are now 101 collectibles and 73 explorable dungeons makes it slightly longer-lived and customizable than in the last chapter.

Playing with a friend is therefore the best choice both from the point of view of customization and fun, as the friendly AI is not particularly brilliant and in the most difficult phases of the game it will often end up making some rather annoying mistakes.

An interesting factor is that right away you can freely explore the kingdom ignoring any main quests, but obviously being punished if you decide to face a dungeon too far beyond your reach.

The two kingdoms feline and canine are practically identical in style to what can be seen in the first chapter, with very vivid colors and "cartoon" and points in the map that will wink at some feline or canine puns such as the Lake of the Gatpitale.

With puns like Kit Cat, humor is always upon us!

It will also be possible, having reached certain points in the plot, teleport to areas already visited through portals called Signs of the King, to make everything easier and faster.

A simple teleportation method!

The playing time will be around 5 hours, therefore not going to earn points compared to the last chapter.

The game endgame, however, offers a great variety of dungeons with very high levels, which will put us to the test and mercilessly punish anyone who lacks adequate preparation.

A dungeon for the most extreme!

In conclusion

Cat Quest 2 is a title that has directly taken the path of its predecessor and has extended it without adding anything particularly interesting, and although this is not a great added value, it maintains the old and good formula of the first chapter.

The gameplay is always intriguing and it can be very enjoyable on smartphones, this being an adventure of a few hours but potentially many more.

Waiting for possible future additions to the title, we can only recommend it in case you are interested in a light and fun indie, seasoned with four-legged jokes and simple and smooth gameplay!

We advise you to consult the official website of Cat Quest 2 to stay updated on the title!

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