City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Offline Sim Game, is a new city building game from Sparkling Society, where you will become the mayor of a small city starting with an island. The game is available for Android devices.

Available: Android
Gender: Construction, role
Players: One player


City Island 5 Trailer + Game Images

Send your aircraft to explore the world and unlock beautiful new islands to build your new cities. In most city building games, you only manage one city, but in this game you will expand your horizons to new islands, each with a different theme and surface area to build a city. Here is the game trailer to help you understand how it works.

This construction game can also be played offline, so you can build your own city without Internet or when you don’t have a WiFi connection. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

How to get coins in City Island 5

As with most mobile games, you will need to get a lot of resources in order to move forward and become the best in the game. In this case it is important that you know how to get the Coins, as they will give you a number of advantages that will make you successful. Here are some ways to get them:

  • You can get coins by opening the boxes
  • At the end of missions you will also receive coins
  • You can get it from buildings or commercial vehicles
  • With the GumsUp platform you can get free coins for City Island 5

Free resource generator for City Island 5

On the Internet you can find many resource generators to obtain resources without any cost, but you must take into account that many of them do not give the expected result to users. We recommend you a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate Coins for City Island 5 without problems.

What are the Coins for City Island 5 for?

As we have mentioned before, obtaining Coins should be our priority, as they are very important in order to advance in the game. The Coins will give you a number of benefits, which are the following:

  • You can buy more items that will help you advance
  • Acquiring community buildings
  • Buy decorations
  • To be able to experience the game with total freedom

Basic Guide to Start Playing City Island 5

The game of City Island 5 is quite simple and easy to understand, but it is important that you have a number of points in mind before you start playing. Here is a video tutorial to help you understand how the game works and how you should play it easily.

City Island Analysis 5

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