Clarifications Minion Rush

A game like 'Run of the Temple', but with subjects. Overcome obstacles to become a member of the month and impress your boss-super villain GRU. In Gru: My favorite villain Minion Rush depends on you being able to wipe all the items on the screen, shaking the device and timing a subject across each level. The goal is to get through each level without getting into any obstacles. If you are a fan of 'Temple Run' games, Minion Rush looks interesting - if not more. While you are playing subject rush, you should make sure that you recognize all items, especially bananas, if possible. Because running somewhere against him requires something new to keep running. Each time you hit an obstacle, the number of bananas and tokens you need to reach level will be higher. If you do not have enough, you can restart the level of buying additional chips for real money. The Minions are standing in a constant competition to impress their boss, Gru the super villain to become employees of the month or even employees of the year. Each level has its own requirements and obstacles that must be overcome in order to continue. You will always be able to see the notes of your friends. To incite them you can also send entertaining messages from subjects.

Positive Things You Can Draw From Minion Rush

  • Every fan of the film loves the many interactions with the characters of the film.
  • Games like 'Temple Run' are easy to start, but they are always and always more difficult.
  • Making contact with friends is a lot of fun.

Negative things that can be extracted from Minion Rush

  • Chips and bananas can be a bit expensive to get if you decide to buy with real money.
The cute wig pinafore of my favorite villain, he walks his environment through his laboratory, shopping center and other imaginative worlds. Slide the Minion up to jump, down to roll, and to the left and right. With this race, the player gains more points, more bananas collects, and climbs to the next level. Exciting additional tasks await the subjects in "Minion Rush": Do you manage to ride in the stuffed Unicorn and catch more bananas? With a little luck, they also become a giant subject and gain super powers. The higher levels increase the skill requirements. In addition, the subjects meet with Grus enemies like Professor Ventrilo, whose traps have to dodge. In the new variant of "Start of School", there are four new disguises for subjects, as well as a time attack mode. By the way: in an ingenious opening, Gru looks for the "subject of the year" before starting the game. This small movie as well as the whole game can mark with a great 3D graphics as well as witty sound effects. The cute chatter of the subjects can not be missed either. If you want information on how to get hacks for minion rush, do not hesitate to visit the link where Gumsup will give you the information you need!

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