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After a long time Early Acccess which saw its debut on Xbox One and PC, Conan Exiles is finally ready to get out of this phase to approach its final phase, bringing to it the PlayStation 4 players too. glory in games of the same genre, since Conan Exiles did not aim beyond those thresholds. The final version seems to promise great things, including more content and an improved technical sector, having had the opportunity to review it, we have analyzed every single detail. We leave you to read our adventure in the company of the most famous Barbarian.

A lonely barbarian

What makes up the production is not a true narrative, the only story thread that we can take with our hands is the initial one, a cut-scene that sees the famous Barbarian free our character, warning him that freeing him from the cross to which he was being crucified would probably have condemned him to a worse end. Finally free, we will be alone, in a deserted land where our aim will be to survive. Other sketches on the world around us can be obtained from some objects, but above all from stones that once interacted with them will show us a sort of vision of the past and with a narrator who will explain what happened.

I want it like this!

The first aspect we will have to deal with is that of customization, since we will be able to create our character at the beginning of the adventure. The Editor is very large and not lacking in detailed functions, so much so that it is also possible to increase or decrease the genital organ of our character or the intimate parts as regards the female sex. The game has no qualms, has no censorship, but these can be activated if you are sensitive to certain visions. Despite the many customization possibilities, everything is not without flaws, starting from the hairstyles that are few and some really unwatchable. In addition to the physical aspect, we will be asked about our race, but above all to which religion we belong, which will determine the invocation during the "divine" assaults.

Survive at all costs

The first hours of the game are the most traumatic ones, because we have almost no explanation available and we will be totally inundated with areas to explore but above all by mechanics to understand. Let's face it, the ultimate goal is always that, to survive, precisely for this reason the main goal will be to settle in a refuge created thanks to our great efforts. The gathering system is very simple, it is very reminiscent of the structure of Minecraft, we will have a pickaxe - which obviously will need to be built - and an ax with which to extrapolate the necessary resources from stones and trees. At the same time we will have to pay attention to two indicators: water and food. As you have surely understood, the title leaves no room for help, every single thing created on Conan Exiles is made to be against us.

An important element is that of exploration, because finding new areas, opening up new possibilities of creations thanks to unknown materials does nothing but expand the gaming experience. The map is really large, some areas must be faced calmly and you must always take into account your level, the latter with the possibility of being raised by carrying out main tasks that are marked in a simple table. Despite its immense size, the map of Conan Exiles is slightly dispersed, the mechanics a bit too cumbersome makes the experience less enjoyable, leaving the player very frustrated in the exploration. Our character has the ability to climb anything - literally anything, given the lack of care - but paying attention to the stamina bar, if it reaches zero we will end up inexorably crashed to the ground.

The Fatality of Death

If we have to talk about the fights we can say that it is a sector that has strengths and many defects, because it offers interesting ideas by giving tough clashes, but unfortunately this is undermined by totally slow and misplaced animations. The bosses that we will be able to face in the lands of exile are many, but in any case they are nothing that makes you cry for a miracle for originality.

Death is a contrasting element in this game, because dying means losing all the objects you have, but be careful, if we go to the point of our death we will be able to recover all that we have lost. The game experience is recommended to face it mainly in single player or at most with a few friends in the cooperative mode. This is because the online servers had a bad response during our test, leaving out the latency for a moment, after a few minutes that we found ourselves on an official server, the game always ended up crashing or choking, making the experience inaccessible. This is a great shame, precisely because Conan Exiles seems to be mainly ready to give his best with multiplayer.

Graphics and Sound

The graphic engine that has been used is theU, which manages to give its best mainly in some settings, but leaving the polygons of the characters very rough and many textures treated marginally. Furthermore, the version we tested - the one with PlayStation 4 Pro - is plagued by some texture problems and polygonal interpenetrations, due to a totally wrong camera setting. We can say very little about the audio sector, dubbing is practically never present, while the soundtrack is satisfactory, but does not dare too much.

Final Comment

Our experience of Conan Exiles it was not rosy, unfortunately we were disappointed by many elements. Maybe the boys of Funcom they needed more time before making this debut, because the technical problems are many and it will not be easy to overcome in the short time, especially as regards the totally dancing framerate. The game is fun if played in company, but it is still an experience that has nothing memorable, indeed, does not dare to add anything original that can be remembered tomorrow. For us the title barely reaches sufficiency, we hope that in the future the developers can make amends for the mistakes made here with a future production.

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